This awesome Xbox One S bundle scores you four games for free!

Newegg, through its eBay store, is currently offering a 2TB Xbox One S bundle for just $399. Priced at what you would normally pay for just the console, this bundle offers four games with it at no additional cost. Whether this is your first Xbox One or you are looking for the best value to upgrade, you won't want to miss out on this deal. Normally, if you'd pick up all the games and the console, it would run you around $620, meaning that this saves you $220.

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1215d ago
lobocob1215d ago

probably bundled with half the library cause it's selling so well

Mrveryodd1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

next artical , i find you trolling again .... are you 12?
mum and dad are not going to buy you an xbox because you are shitty troll, and i am happy as i will never run into on live

LexHazard791215d ago

Yep he's, let me see...... 1+2=3 yrs old. Lol...I knew those evening math classes weren't a waste of time and money.

1215d ago Replies(3)
shiva11215d ago

Is it really a problem or is it really a good thing? Consumer point of view it should be really really good thing even though its being sold at loss or very less margin.

I sure think at n4g all are consumers and not from these companies.

Unspoken1214d ago

Hey look, another troll!

RosweeSon1215d ago

Hardly surprising stopped making them after 10 minutes.

MagicBeanz1215d ago

They're available all over the place, my local Best Buy has a bunch sitting on the shelf.

BlackTar1871215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

You don't need a picture go to store pick up. Here's gamestops in my area

And here's best buy

XXanderXX1215d ago

Great deal , typical sold out .