Verdun Dev On PS4 NEO And Xbox One Scorpio Upgraded Power: ‘Ultimately Nothing Will Change’

The PlayStation 4 NEO and the Xbox One Scorpio are almost here (or at least one of them is), and they promise a very interesting change for the console gaming market. Since they are so different conceptually from everything we have had before, we love to muse on just how they will change things on the developer and consumer side.

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Randostar1211d ago

Gamingbolt gives your phone cancer. Stay clear on mobile.

KwietStorm1211d ago

I'm just gonna stay clear altogether.

kraenk121211d ago

This site gives cancer in any format.

1211d ago Replies(1)
ClayRules20121211d ago

That's what she said!

-Michael Scott =)

Dumb, I know. Sorry =(

Gamist2dot01211d ago

When I see Gb, i just scroll down to see what people have to say before I move on to the next article. :/

Idiedgoodbye1210d ago

No wonder my phone wants to die :(

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kraenk121211d ago

It's doesn't matter.

daynnight3651211d ago

There's this one J.O. in the comments at gaming bolt, nintengods, oh man what a douche

GorillaTact1211d ago

I was thinking the same thing. A large resource jump for both consoles, but nothing will change? lol Whatever dude.

1210d ago
ajax171211d ago

Nope. Because this no name loser dev said so.

XanderZane1210d ago

Right. I got a laugh from this click bait article. Other devs are saying completely different things. Having some games run in a 4K more with better graphical effects is going to make a difference for some games.

cd11211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Won't the Scorpio have some sort of Zen based APU? The time line fits, if so i expect far better CPU performance. That would be too late for Neo if Sony want to release this year but even so, improvements will be made - complete speculation btw...

dantesparda1211d ago

The Neo is rumored to have a Zen lite CPU, its not Jaguar because AMD doesnt have Jaguar in 14nm FINFET.

hadowajp1211d ago

Isn't the jaguar in the x1 slim a 14nm?

1210d ago
cd11210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )


I think XB1s uses Jaguar cores fabricated at 14nm, or something very similar.


Even if the Neo GPU does compare to a low end PC chip it wont matter, Devs are magicians with closed spec Hardware. They may also be bumping up specs as we speak - we havnt heard anything official from Sony yet.

dantesparda1208d ago


I think the Jaguar CPUs in the X1S are 16nm not 14nm.

And here is the site i read they should be Zen "lite" CPUs

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1210d ago
Idiedgoodbye1211d ago

Straight from the developers mouth I'm not buying another console until I take it apart and analyze it myself /s

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ninjazfistz1210d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@Gru Create it. There are so many awesome videos on youtube on how to build a pc (this one is the best imo The bigger and/or better the case the more options for an advanced watercooled setup later and it makes everything easy to see and fit (Deepcool makes one with CPU water cooling installed called Genome). Use and you can see if your "build" is compatible (wattage, parts, connectors, etc.). If you want to have watercooling on your cpu I recommend a high quality one from Corsair like Corsair H100i. Most videocards you can modify yourself later to have watercooling later but fans should be okay to overclock. Read the manuals and you should be okay!

Another video more comprehensive
General building tips from Linus:

Other great sources for Linux:,,

Idiedgoodbye1210d ago

I'll definitely have to look into this. Thanks for the links you provided makes things easier

ninjazfistz1210d ago

@Gru no problem. Welcome to computer gaming/emulation and freedom :) If you don't have any Windows license you can get lots of games on Linux now and start off for free on Steam ( http://store.steampowered.c... or just try this (can try then if like install from same usb stick

If you decide you need alot of AAA games that aren't available natively on Linux try WiNE or install Windows and access all your old games and any additional you want.

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