Gran Turismo 6 exceeds 5 million sales, series total over 76 million

Polyphony Digital has updated their website once more to give us the very latest sales figures for the Gran Turismo series.

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Aloy-Boyfriend894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

The grand daddy of racing sims still has a very big dedicated fanbase that supports it. It is time to take the spotlight with GT Sport. It is looking great!

Filmicfps894d ago

Definitely not the grand daddy in quality but sales yes. Congrats PD :)

Filmicfps893d ago


Yes amazing photo mode pics!

Movefasta1993894d ago (Edited 893d ago )

Yep,just like call of duty.They both have a very dedicated fanbase that support it,even though their competition are better.
Forza is not a sim Unreal,it's simcade. But anyways,GT post ps2 era is trash.

Unreal01894d ago

I hope you're really not suggesting Forza is better lol. GT does everything so much better. In reality, its closest competitor is probably Driveclub or Project Cars.

Doabarrelroll894d ago

What competition? Forza, that game that Xbox fanboys brag about but never support cause it's milked harder than a cow on Thursday. Sorry but the larger majority prefer GT and look at it as the best.

893d ago
Aloy-Boyfriend893d ago

I haven't played Assetto Corsa or Project Cars so I can't tell. If you meant Forza, then I hate to tell you that there's nothing to be jealous about. Forza fanboys brag too much because it has the spotlight and talk to much shit about GT, however that is never reflected in the sales. Seems they only support it with their mouths. While GT 5 was the downfall and it was still ok, GT6 fixed a lot of its issues and it was great.

Call of Duty sells because it is a mainstream thing or a gaming yearly event... Yeah they may have that dedicated fanbase that always fall on Activision BS, but GT case is a case of lontime loyalism and true dedication to this long time series.

DeeBeers893d ago Show
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C-H-E-F894d ago

That's great i'm glad it still did well. I was unable to get this one after my ps3 stopped turning on "overheating" and I bought the ps4 instead of another ps3... but it's great to see I can't wait for the new one to come out.

badz149894d ago

Good to know it did well. I got mine to play with my new G29 but it seems like the PS3 doesn't support the wheel very well. So, I didn't finish it dur to that very reason. Still a solid game nonetheless.

Can't wait for GT:S!

saimcheeda894d ago

That's not so good considering the series' usual numbers are 10 million per game. But I'm expecting Gran Turismo 7 to make a huge impact!

eferreira894d ago

its not bad considering 6 came out in december after the ps4 launched

Good-Smurf894d ago

For a game released on the last gen console,on its last leg and people focus on getting PS4 instead.
It done incredibly well.

Chevalier893d ago

You know GT6 outsold the last 3-4 Forza's combined. For a series that we hear so much praise about, Forza fans don't really support their so called best games. That goes for Sunset Overdrive and other niche games.

rainslacker892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

Would you buy a new racing game in the same series if it came out every year....or every other year if you want to consider Forza and FH different franchises.

It's not like racing games are light FPS games, where yearly releases brings more fresh content. For the most part, GT's use most of the same cars, and most of the same tracks since they're based on real world stuff, and the only things that really change are the physics being tuned, some special stuff here or there, and typically one new feature that was often overdue.

GT releases tend to be 3-4 years apart, with some prologue type things that come in in the interim that are pretty good in their own right, but the numbered releases tend to be huge, with tons of content. When the worst thing people can come up with on GT is the car sounds, and maybe damage, you know it's doing other things right.

itsmebryan894d ago

How the games was just as disappointing as GT5.

kraenk12894d ago

Game was so much better than GT5. Just like Forza 6 it was the game part 5 should have been though.

LexHazard79894d ago

I agree...Forza 6 was a proper game for the series. FM5 felt rushed.

rainslacker892d ago

GT6 is probably the best in the series. Near perfect handling of the cars.

Chevalier891d ago

Yep. Yearly releases are pretty meh. Two years between games according to Forza fans still seems too much. What Xbone is on its what 5th release?

sadsatan894d ago

gt sport has me really excited. love the open approach, just pure racing in pretty supercars. i hope we get a decent damage model on release

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