Millions are Still Playing Star Wars: Battlefront According to EA

Are people still playing Battlefront? Are there as many playing as there were when it first launched? According to EA, millions of people are still playing online shooter Star Wars: Battlefront.

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Yukonsbud1210d ago

I've been playing on xbox and have not had any issues finding a match in any game mode.

akurtz1209d ago

same here on ps4, and i got my cousin the xb1 version and its thriving lol

Next_gen_20151208d ago

Im still playing it. Heroes vs villains is too fun!

Spenok1208d ago

I don't play it terribly often, but when I get on I have no issues finding matches either.

oasdada1208d ago

And im the guy who cries about the campaing. Bite me

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RosweeSon1209d ago

They'd play more if they made the season pass free

Yi-Long1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Agreed. Never bought the game because of that whole Premium stuff EA always has going on, so normally I just wait for a bargain on the Complete release, although I doubt I'll bother with Battlefront. Liked the Beta, but too many other games already coming out these months.

Would have picked up Battlefront for full price if all maps would simply have been added for free, so it doesn't split up the MP community betweens haves and have nots...

RosweeSon1208d ago

Yeah I picked it up as I'm a Star Wars fan and took a break from the shooting scene, COD and the like quoted enjoyed the beta but yeah the full game just didn't do it for me too much stuff missing and more maps in the season pass than in the main game? Someone's having a laugh... With my wallet, No!!

jmc88881208d ago

You could say the same thing about any game. Most multiplayer games have season passes. It's not a valid reason to not buy the game.

They've added a bunch of free content to the game. They even added an offline mode. More star cards/weapons.

The season pass has been worth it, but like I said above, the free stuff is cool too. Put it all together and there is now a good deal of content.

Lots of people expected as much content as an insanely loaded Battlefront II had, all from the ground up, in LESS DEVELOPMENT TIME then your yearly Call of Duty. I called those people unrealistic.

EA has done an amazing job supporting this game. People don't want to say this, but they've been great with their multiplayer games over the past few years.

Supported Battlefield 4 amazingly, with a bunch of free content. Free maps AND even collaborated with users to create a map. Now they have been giving away the DLC one pack at a time. In the end, if you paid attention you'll have access to everything for free if you had the base game.

Same thing with Battlefield Hardline, they have been giving away the DLC as well.

Then there's Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare (free maps)... hell they gave the game away for free itself on PSN (perhaps others) a few months after launch.

Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 also has free DLC, plus whatever you unlocked in the first game you got in the 2nd one. Oh and if got to specific standards you got some free packs. If you got to level 313 you even got a unicorn chomper (that no one else can get, and you still have until feb of next year to get to level 313 in #1 and get the reward in PvZ 2).

Then back to all the Battlefront stuff they've done and will continue to do. Hell it wouldn't surprise me to eventually see the maps given away for free at some point. No guarantee, but it's possible.

Overall EA has been very much quality when it comes to multiplayer shooters, and the games look good too.

Rachel_Alucard1208d ago

Are you shilling? The only game you listed that actually adds actual content is PvZ but its still got microtransactions locked to it. You're also missing the point with Battlefronts "free" content, offline mode should've been there from the get go and the star cards/weapons harm this game greatly instead of helping it. Season passes became a norm because we had tools like you ready to jump in front of the tanks.

RosweeSon1208d ago

It's is when more of the game is tied up in the season pass than it is in the actual game itself and then charge £39.99 which is more than the game costs these days. Not only that everyone is gonna buy the season pass? No so your limited on how many players are with you as well. If you wanna pay £80 a game that's fine count me out tho.
Gta4 was one of the biggest selling games until 5 smashed it out the water but 4 had some great DLC great replayability and great value for money. Then you get battlefronts season pass... Utter rip off

RosweeSon1208d ago

I'm not saying it's a bad game and it sure does look fantastic really great looking Star Wars game however it doesn't warrant buying the game in 2 halves at £40 a pop.

JasonKCK1208d ago

Rachel_Alucard well said

JOWAPPO1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

It's not really so much that the season pass exists, it's how they handled it. For one, it's the price: the thing made the overall price of the game $100+ at launch (that's absurd). On top of that, you can't buy the add-on content separately, if you don't have the season pass, you're stuck with the same stuff (plus a few table-scrap offerings) until next year (or at least I hope it's just next year...!).

The game lacked value at launch. For me, that meant the lack of a complete offline/splitscreen option, but with the multiplayer it's not necessarily because of it's "lack of content" as everyone likes to say, but because what content is there gets OLD very quickly. The big modes alone have very little room for variation, Walker Assault and Supremacy in particular take place along a linear path, so once you've played them a few times, you've pretty much experienced everything you're going to experience. Gee, you know, there was a mode in the older games that coulda fixed that problem for you, DICE. Can you guess what it is?

(I'll namedrop it in a bit)

I agree with the Battlefront II expectation, though, as this game never advertised itself as a sequel to Battlefront II, so I don't know why everyone wanted everything from that game and MORE. That's not very realistic. It's not fair to hold them to that kind of standard right out of the gate because they don't have the benefit of coming off of an older game like BFII did with the original BF.

But we did expect a Battlefront game at least, and that's not what we got: the foundation just isn't there. The classic modes aren't there (Instant Action, Galactic Conquest), and the base gameplay isn't there (classes, reinforcements), which is strange given that DICE aren't unfamiliar with that kind of gameplay. They might as well have called it "Star Wars Multiplayer shooter", or whatever other generic name, because if it isn't going to retain the foundation of Battlefront, then I don't know why they called it...

...Oh wait, I know exactly why.

It's because it's Star Wars Battlefront, so we gotta cash in on that hype train. But on top of that, it's Star Wars, plain and simple. The only reason it's still relevant is because of that one fact. The game is plagued with repetition, lack of replayability/offline play, and the season pass is the most consumer-raping proposition I've seen yet. And the only reason EA and DICE got away with any of these problems is because it's Star Wars, and the best looking Star Wars game we've seen yet.

Call it anything else, and this game would've become irrelevant by the end of last year.

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sarlucic1209d ago

If you can find it cheap I highly recommend it, it is the best looking FPS of all time most likely, it is incredible immersive and you really feel like you are in star wars. It is not one of those games that you will play 10 hours a day and forget about your life, but it is quick, arcady, fun and fast fps action that you can leave after playing a couple of matches and come back to when you just want to play some quick games.

ABBAJESUS1209d ago

I got base game for $30 and it was worth it.

WellyUK1209d ago

best looking FPS. Until BF1 comes out.

SquidBuck1208d ago

and they're made by the same studio too

ninsigma1209d ago

I got the game and season pass for less than the normal priced game. Well worth it xD

OB1Biker1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I agree except for me its essentially a TPS game

NapalmSanctuary1208d ago

Either someone thinks you're lying or I need to buy someone a dictionary.

Nathan_Hale531209d ago

I just buy BF2 on steam for $5 and play that still to this day.

Timesplitter141208d ago

>best looking FPS

I wouldn't say that. On consoles, maybe

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sdcard4gb1209d ago

According to EA they are not shit company at all.

jmc88881208d ago

See my post above. It's right to call out companies including EA when they do wrong, but it's a bit silly to call them out when they do what they've done with the following games.

Battlefield 4
Battlefield Hardline
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Star Wars Battlefront
Hell I even forgot what they did with Titanfall's dlc.

So yeah, make sure you know what you are talking about and that it fits. When it comes to EA's mutiplayers shooters, few if any support their product and userbase better. Might want to realize that.

sdcard4gb1208d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I absolutely agree that it is a bit silly, yes. I am 24 and I recognize this truth completely, but...
And that is one BIG BUT...
EA did so much shit already to so many things they are almost at FucKonami level of absolute unforgivness.

Spenok1208d ago


So it's fair to judge someone on their past mistakes, but not their recent successes? Every game mentioned above is relatively new. Since their new CEO took over about 3 years ago they have made radical changes to how they do business and have made some great strides. Doesn't make sense to hold on to grudges and skip their future games when the good majority of them have been great titles.

EmperorDalek1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

The problem is that all those games felt incomplete at release, then you basically have to pay double to get the whole thing. Halo 5's online playerbase is still high because of the free dlc, so its not just a cost thing. Free dlc keeps the community alive. Here in NZ its very difficult to find rounds of Battlefront, and it has been for a while. This is because it was incomplete at launch, then asked for a lot of money for the season pass. Why bother? Halo 5's better AND its dlc is free.

Titanfall 2's maps and modes will all be free too, so that should have a good userbase too. Good on EA for that. But now there's no way I want to get BF1, I'll be too busy with games that don't rip people off at the cost of its playerbase.

antz11041208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Lol, congrats I guess on paying $100 plus on a $60 game? Please stop trying to justify their garbage practices with other games that faired well. Battlefront is far shy of battlefield 4 or even Titanfall.

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ninsigma1209d ago

Really fun game so that's good! Haven't played it in a while though. Must jump in again and take out some rebel scum!

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