5 SNES Games The New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Needs

Mega Man X released today on the New Nintendo 3DS virtual console. Here are some other great games the platform truly deserves.

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Idiedgoodbye1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Nintendo should scrap VC because the games available are severely lacking

RosweeSon1212d ago

Each to their own there's definately some classics that are being held back but mainly due to licensing issues I reckon... Turtles NES 😡.

RosweeSon1212d ago

Yoshi's island would be cool but got the GBA version as part of the ambassador scheme ;) I'd take the Star Wars trilogy tho, weird that Sony released the first one but yeah they were on old Wii virtual console should have all 3 on 3ds VC and the NES Star Wars please, GBC metal gear and Resi also please. As for SNES games love a Bomberman or 3 1-3 would be awesome specially with online play added like street fighter got on home consoles.
With Mario Kart, F-Zero Pilotwings Donkey Kong Country Trilogy, Earthbound, Super Metroid, Zelda... Super Mario world main one I was after and the 3 street fighters (buy 2 get 3rd free why not) Mario RPG would be cool and gonna grab super punch out soon but not too much else I'd be after really. Unirally would be cool and zombies ate my neighbours. Sure there's a couple of others than can't think of off top of my head been nearly 20 years and most likely all tied up in licenses.

stalepie1206d ago

Good list, but I think if you've bought these games before on Wii or Wii U that it should be tied to your account and downloadable on N3DS, like Sony does with PS1 titles on PS3 & Vita.