Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 gets a Release date plus Demo

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 has a release date and one for its demo too. It will hit stores on October 15 in Europe and November in Japan. Konami has also set a date too for a demo release on Xbox Live and PSN, and it will be schedule for september 11.

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Harry1904317d ago

They are going to clash with Fifa. Same release date for both in Europe.
And damn, Dead Space is out the same day.

Rama262854317d ago

I thought Fifa was out on the 3rd? It's down as the 3rd on both and GAME....

The demo's are coming out the same day for both though!

Harry1904317d ago

Must be the 14th for NA then( Fifa). Ah well,they are not far apart anyway and both will rule the UK and France charts for a long long time.

Mr PS34317d ago

Will have a look
But after last years effort its gonna have to be Damm Good to impress
And for the First time ever i'm looking forward to the Fifa game more than PES

spirited4317d ago

it will suck that is for sure

farhsa20084317d ago

PES is gonna OWN fifa so bad, this year will see a special pro evo back on form

Wotbot4317d ago

it comes to a game that plays like the beautiful sport itself, then there is only really one choice, PES all the way.

lunaticpanda1014317d ago

you're kidding right, PES 2008 really was not good. It just seem unfinished and the graphics were poor and it's not as realistic as FIFA. I admit FIFA 08 is the only good FIFA ever and PES was amazing before that, I bought every single one but now it seems like the roles have reversed.

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