5 Games that may not Release in Future

Every year, many games launched but some of them are still under development or have some issues. Here are the 5 promised games we may never see in future.

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Stupid1217d ago

Well, we want Dead Space 4 now

buckfuddy1217d ago

dead space series is dead lol

Agent_00_Revan1216d ago

As much as I'd like a new Dead Space, 3 really killed it for me, and many others.

bloop1216d ago

I'd still like to see 4 though. As long as they went back to its roots of course. If they made another dead space that was in keeping and true to the first game I'd be all over it.

HammockGames1216d ago

Completely agree. Dead Space 3 deviated too far from the survival horror that made DS1 and 2 so exceptional. EA lost the plot on the series by inserting nonstop shooting and ambush sequences at every turn.

After they way they messed up DS3, maybe it's best if they let the series rest - especially if EA execs are still pining to capture the COD crowd.

nuckfuggets1217d ago

heard half life is getting a remake tho :/

Nosferatu_Zodd1216d ago

It did, it's called Black mesa