Battlefield Vs Call Of Duty, Who Is The King Of Shooters

With 2-3 months remaining until we get to see the latest installments in both franchises one can only look back at both franchises and wonder who holds the title for the greatest shooter between the two? This battle has been going on for years and here is my story on two of the biggest franchises in gaming history. Who will be crowned champion!

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hiredhelp2311d ago

.............still thinking.........shall I run aim fire or use my sniper camp with my perks or play battlefield with just your normal basics no real perks and where sniper need to fire ahead of his target to compansate.......
brainfreeze I let you decide.

JROCKNXL2311d ago

the answer will always be..... BATTLEFIELD lol.

JROCKNXL2311d ago

what's your fav shooter?

MetroidFREAK212310d ago

Who cares, play what you want...

supraman212310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

They are vastly different and cannot be compared.

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The story is too old to be commented.