No Man's Sky | Popzara Review

Technical issues and questionable design hurt this hyped-up space adventure.

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EpicSandwich1513d ago

"This is not a $60 game; the crashes alone see to that. In a few months, however – and it almost certainly will take that long – this will be an amazing $30 game, while in a few months after that it’ll likely be an amazing freebie in the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection library. It also serves as a wonderful test case for what happens when the heady mists of hype run headlong into cold, hard reality…and it’s an example that our pals working on Star Citizen might want to keep in mind."

Ouch, they gave it a NAY instead of a YAY. Let's hope these negative reviews are the minority.

YinYangGaming1513d ago

Sean was right when he said it was divisive. I've seen plenty of people saying they're loving it and then plenty saying they're bored of it

EpicSandwich1513d ago

But that's basically every game ever made

joab7771513d ago

As I have gotten older, I see games differently. Games that I used to live hold no sway anymore. I see them as reskins of experiences I have had a thousand times before.

For example...Gears of War 4. No interest at all. Not much interest in Deux Ex, Battlefield or Titanfall. Yeah, can't wait for ff15 and Persona 5 because they look new and fresh. So does NMS. And I am loving it.

NarooN1513d ago

I mean seriously, I know somebody already said it, but that sort of defense can be leveled at literally everything in existence. Some will like things, some won't. It's one of those pointless truisms that doesn't even need to be intonated.

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Xavior_Reigns1513d ago

So this was submitted by you... who has been in several articles of this game downplaying it... nope not suspicious at all.

YinYangGaming1513d ago

Suspicious of what? Having an opinion? Welcome to the real world. Not everyone will agree with you and you have to live with that.

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Kingthrash3601513d ago

Yin yang.....what do you think of recore?

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Dark_Knightmare21513d ago

Lol negative reviews dude there's been three posted two from actual known sites that gave it an 8 and 8.5 and this one from an unknown site looking for clicks so no need to be "concerned"

Aenea1513d ago

"This is not a $60 game; the crashes alone see to that."

Ehhhm, what?

1) when a game crashes way too often it has no bearing on the pricing, it's just buggy, not even a buggy mess is worth $30 since it's a buggy mess
2) yeah have heard of some crashes here and there but most people seem to have no issues at all and seem to love it too

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1513d ago
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DrakeFan11513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Never heard of this site before. This review looks like it was written by a PS hater. People, wait for trusted reviews from IGN and Gamespot and not a review by a nobody.

YinYangGaming1513d ago

If you're so insecure about reviews for NMS that you'll quote IGN and Gamespot as "trusted reviews" then you sir are blinded

Kingthrash3601513d ago

Lmao did he just say trust ign???? They have list trust by the intellegent long final straw was evolve getting a 9......a 9 tho....evolve. ...9.
Smh I was already done with them as a site but that score was just a nail in coffin.

EpicSandwich1513d ago

Ign won't give a trusted review they have literally been promoting this game for over a year so I don't think they will be totally honest with the score.

Christopher1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

[Web site name here] won't give a trusted review they have literally been doing zero promotion or news of this game so I don't think they will be totally honest with the score.

Sword swings both ways.

Edit: What I've learned so far is pretty much what I knew in 2014. If you like exploration and survival, NMS is likely for you. If you don't like those type of games, it's likely not for you. That's about as "polarizing" as the reviews go since the people behind the opinions tend to fall on one side of that or the other.

Death1513d ago

His point is to wait for reviews from sites that are more established. I would put more stock into IGN and Gamespot than I would in a site I just heard of for the very first time. This is especially true about a site that posts such a low score.

YinYangGaming1513d ago

Sites more established are likely worse than smaller sites and some of IGNs and Gamespot's questionable reviews prove that. Such a low score? Compared to what? There's hardly any reviews up right now. Just speak the truth, you WANT the game to have high review scores and if you see a site like this not give it a 9 or 10 then you bash the site even though you or I have no idea how hard the writer worked on the review. Take your fanboy BS away

xDealtwithIt1513d ago

So ignore all the little sites that score it low.

Unless of course they score it high.

Death1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )


The chances of a small site looking for hits to say something "extreme" is much more likely than an established site doing it. I spoke the truth or at least gave my honest opinion. I would like the game to have honest reviews, because that is what gamers deserve. As for the rest of your post, you would do well to follow your own advise.

Naughty_Cloud1513d ago

Oh please, give me a freaking break. The same IGN that people online bash 24/7 for being one the worst sites online, and giving one of the most biased and unfair reviews. Hahahaahahahaahahaha this is too funny.

NarooN1513d ago

Be honest Death, when people like you say "honest scores", you really mean "score that appeals to my own individual bias and views."

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NoPeace_Walker1513d ago


That is utterly rediculous. What happen if Gamespot gives it a 6 or 7? What will your reply going to be then?

Kiwi661513d ago

In other words you only want the positive reviews to be approved and shown

freshslicepizza1513d ago

"Never heard of this site before. This review looks like it was written by a PS hater. People, wait for trusted reviews from IGN and Gamespot and not a review by a nobody."

fair enough which means i also don't want to read reviews from known sony fanatics who will oversell the title because sony is publishing it.

from the article,
"What’s more, the most essential resources are so plentiful that you’ll never feel pressured by something like dwindling life support; you can just blast one of the billions of huge plutonium crystals that seem to grow on the surface of every single planet in the galaxy and you’re good to go. You aren’t ever in danger of suffocating, you’re just in danger of having to go into the inventory screen (again), find your life support (again) and select the plutonium to stuff into it (again.) This is a cute idea at first and makes you feel like a real self-sufficient space adventurer, but after the first half an hour or so it’s becomes clear that this is aggravation for the sake of being aggravating and it adds nothing to the experience"

this is what i was afraid of, a grind of a game thet become repetitious and tedious. all i kept hearing the past years is how massive the game is but i kept asking will it be fun though?

Naughty_Cloud1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

The same IGN that u love the scores it gives to COD every year right...................... Hypocritical B.S

GrimmyReaper1513d ago

"This guy doesn't have the same opinion as me. Must be a PS hater."
"Wait for people you can trust, like IGN and Gamespot."

You're a moron on so many levels.

reaperofsouls1513d ago

Edge is generally the best rewiewer

Artemidorus1513d ago

Trusted reviews? It's well documented they have been paid for better scoring reviews.

melonfarm3r1513d ago

Man, you really got downvoted.

spicelicka1513d ago

Except it's not a PS exclusive right?

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5p4c3d1513d ago

seems like the people who hate it hate that its a survival game or dont like the way the mechanics are implemented. Ive also noticed the negative reviews mention that their planets or animals started looking the same while alot more of the positive reviews say everything looks totally different. I bet alot of people are going to give up before they reach the center. Personally ive seen and read enough that i know this game is gonna be one i play for a long time and will definitely be worth the 60$.

also " No Man’s Sky casts you as an unnamed space explorer out to…well, explore space. That’s pretty much it, really." way to make being a space explorer sound so damn minuscule and boring lol

joab7771513d ago

I personally like the game design. Many won't. And yeah , in a game world unlike anything we have ever see, it is natural that we would want more. And we may get it . It is a marvel of an accomplishment without a doubt.

Vasto1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Biggest dissapointment of the year.

Horseheadinthebed1513d ago

How many hours have you put into it.....?

Lsbb1513d ago

Just look at his comment history. There is no way that he has played this game. He's a xbox fanboy.

ShinnokDrako1513d ago

Ignore him, always been a M$ fanboys, check his comment history....

MasterCornholio1513d ago

I've seen much worse this year.

And no it's not Ratchet and Clank or Uncharted 4. Those games lived up to the hype.

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