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This is going to be an interesting Retro Flashback. Today I’m not glossing over any specific game, but rather a whole website. Candystand.com comes straight from my childhood and has lived up until this very year. It was home to loads of its own miniature video games playable online much like a lot of sites one would casually discover through a Google search. So what’s so special about this one then? Well, as the title may indicate, the games were themed around candy products!

NukaCola2893d ago

I haven't thought about this in years and I used to play this daily. Always reminds me of all those years playing Stick Death


Mysterious Nintendo Teaser Emio May Not Be Related To Bloober, Rating Reveals Some Details

The mysterious new teaser from Nintendo, Emio, might not be related to developer Bloober Team, based on the latest information.

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EA FC 25 Will Not Have A Playable Demo

The EA Sports FC 25 Demo will not be released. To try the game, you will need to subscribe to the EA Play service.

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RhinoGamer887h ago

If you played FC 24...you have played FC 25. Expect little to no improvements...especially AI.


Nintendo's Official Magazine For Summer 2024 Gets English Digital Release

Summer is finally here and Nintendo is seeing it in with a brand new online seasonal magazine.

The full 84-page magazine was shared today by Nintendo Japan and is, naturally, in Japanese. However, the Big N also shared a slightly abridged 54-page version in English so you can read up on all the Nintendo gossip for the summer.

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OtterX1d ago

I wish they would have resurrected and used the Nintendo Power name. I had almost every issue starting from around Mario 3 forward, and at one time had Nintendo Power foldout posters as an upper border on the wall, circling my entire room.

PRIMORDUS12h ago(Edited 11h ago)

I also have well, every issue of Nintendo Power and also some Fun Club Issues before it transformed into Nintendo Power. They are all stacked in a plastic tote lol. Most have probably turned yellow by now. If you would like the whole collection as a torrent there is one here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Da... Torrent magnet link.

XiNatsuDragnel16h ago

Nintendo power name instead would've been cool