These New PS4 Multiplayer Games Made Me Smile And Be All Like “Yeah”

PSLS went to BitSummit and found a small handful of PS4 multiplayer co-op games to be pretty fun.

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knifefight2613d ago

I love online and offline multiplayer, but always preferred offline. Just feels better to have the friend right there.

KakashiHotake2613d ago

I like it when there is a good mix of offline and online. Sometimes your just not in a place where the friend can be there with you, and it's fun to interact with others. My favorite kind of online play is when you can form guilds. Thats a lot better than just playing with random people.

BattleAxe2613d ago

"These New PS4 Multiplayer Games Made Me Smile And Be All Like “Yeah”"

This is the IQ level we're dealing with on the PlayStation side this gen....

thief2612d ago

Yes, you really need brains to do pew-pew on halo 7, gears 5 and any of the other clone shooters that the xbox is gifted with


Just Shapes & Beats Review | TheXboxHub

Gareth writes: "Just Shapes & Beats is one of those games that captures your heart and soul. It's addictive, difficult, and great."

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7 Indie Games Definitely Worth Your Time

With the industry filled with oversaturated FPS titles doing little in the name of innovation, indie developers show us what true games are.

482d ago
anast482d ago

I still have to finish Little Nightmares, but so far the art is enjoyable and the environmental storytelling is entertaining.


5 Awesome Games You Can Finish Under 5 Hours

NoobFeed Editor Yagmur Sevinc writes - Sometimes, you just need to finish a game in one sitting. Often, by the time we finish the game, we realize that we have spent over sixty hours or so. Even if it is not an open-world game, the main story usually takes a lot of our time, and sometimes we lose interest when we finally get to the end of it. So here are 5 awesome games that you can finish in under 5 hours.

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BrainSyphoned533d ago

Im going with Skyrim, Oblivion, Elden Ring, Breath of the Wild and Terraria.

TheColbertinator533d ago

Mirrors Edge. Love the game and beat it three times but it lasted 5 hours in my first playthrough.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi533d ago

I need this. Cuz when I'm finally done with Horizon I'mma be burned out on rpg's for a while.

whitbyfox533d ago

Resident Evil 3 Remake.

They cut so much content from the original its like a demo.

533d ago
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