The Best Roguelike Games

IGN : Ask three different video game fans to define what a “Roguelike” is, and chances are, you’re likely to get three very different responses: One might say "Oh yeah, those are like that game with the sexy greek gods!" Another might reply "No, you idiot, Hades is a Rogue-LITE. A roguelike is a game like Spelunky." And another still might slam their hands on the table and shout, "The reason why they're called rogueLIKES is because they're LIKE the 1980s dungeon crawler rogue. None of those games are roguelikes at all!"

BrainSyphoned912d ago

Everspace, Moonlighter and Monster Train are my top 3 quick time wasters.

Atom666912d ago

Can't argue there. I am firmly on the Hades bandwagon too.

i81duce912d ago

I’ll have to agree with a comment below that Binding of Isaac is my top, but thank you for 3 recommendations that I’ve never heard of to appease my addiction. @atom666, I’ll try and see what Hades is all about as welll ☺️

Sidewinder-912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

Loved FTL.

Oh, & Dungeons of Dredmor was pretty good.

Eviltattoo 912d ago

My daughter and I had a blast with Rogue Legacy - our favorite by far.
We also enjoyed Undermine which I didn't see make this list unfortunately.

Vanfernal912d ago

To me Binding of Isaac is the GOAT. No two runs in that game feel the same. The unlimited combinations of item synergies is still something no game has been able to match.

912d ago

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mkis007117d ago

Ill never understand how people can have the sheer will to do these things over and over...

Popsicle117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

For some these kinds of games can become an unhealthy addiction. Hades is a fantastic game and I had a slight Hades addiction for a short time where I played it nightly. After an 8 or 9 heat run (don’t remember exactly), I realized I wasn’t having fun anymore and moved on.

A 64 heat run is extremely impressive, but also very unhealthy.


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