X-Play Resistance 2: All Access

Morgan Webb is at PAX and is speaking with the good people at Insomniac Games about their upcoming sequel Resistance 2.

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Sevir043880d ago

i really need to play this game it's freakin amazing

cahill3880d ago

OMG cant believe how big this one would be come November --60 player online, 8 player co-op. 300 feet bosses, 2 SP modes ---cant get better than that

cahill3880d ago

both are awesome

LBP/Motorstorm 2/Socom /Resistance 2/Wipeout HD --i will be bankrupt this Fall

cahill3880d ago

is better than all games on your console combined

just ask EPIC about how they are feeling the heat this FALL

That 300 feet monster, 60 player online will crush everything out there

steck673880d ago

yea, have fun with Queers of Bore 1.1 and Gayble 1.01

Hububla3880d ago

This guy is prolly some scrawny white kid walkin around tryin to be the next eminem and thinking hes a gangster.. he should get dropped in downtown detroit and see how much of a gangster he really is...dawg..

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SmokingMonkey3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

why didn't they play RFOM?

morgan "i don't know?" with sarcasm, watta bot

RFOM is best compared with PERFECTDARKZERO

both launched with their respective consoles

both are developed by 1st party (arguably best 1st party dev on both)

both FPS

RFOM >>>>>>> PDZ in fact RFOM was much much greater than PDZ

40 player online vs what 16?

Off topic, i call Morgan "BiggySmalls" because one of her breasts is bigger than the other! (normal i know, but i can't stop starring at her tits.)

EDIT: ok fine 2nd party, still doesn't change the fact that

flambeau3880d ago

Insomniac is a second party developer.

Harry1903880d ago

I didn't feel it was sarcasm but rather incredulity. I am also pretty sure that she is quite a Playstation enthusiast and really like Insomniac Games offerings like Ratchet and Clank. But that's me...

cahill3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

R2 is better than all shooters this Fall

No way to ignore that

Resistance 1 sold over 4m copies worldwide. so quite a lot of people played it. I can easily see R2 doubling that btw

SmokingMonkey3880d ago

i thought most of G4 were bots, perreira certainly is.
but watch the way she comments on why no one played RFOM

oh and Morgan loves LBP, but who doesn't that isn't a blind fanboy?

bootsielon3880d ago

X-play gave Resistance a 5 out of 5. Do some proper research next time.

snoopgg3880d ago

She use to look like a man in drag on the old xplays. Makeup and a new hair color really did her good.

SmokingMonkey3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

How can any1 argue with Resistance, i totally agree that it deserves a 5 out of 5. It's one of my favorite new franchises. (beat it 100% 5,000+ online kills)

But you should watch the show, G4/X-play are very pro xbox. any one agree with that?

@UncleScrooge i mean Harry LOL(seamonster ate my ice cream!...classic)
I shouldn't call Morgan a BOT and G4 can't be entirely biased, they were ripping into Nintendo pretty bad at E3, so they aren't BOTS, but they are slightly biased (but what news/show isn't)

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