CES 2K7: Live Anywhere demo

CES 2007, Live Anywhere Demo, including Xbox 360 vs. PC play.

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Mr Murda5441d ago

I can't believe how simple it is. This is really going to grow the XBL community and will push developers to creatively think about ways to integrate the PC and console communities. LIVE Anywhere only makes sense and it's only on Vista and the 360!

God of Gaming5441d ago

Wow.. thats awesome.. seriously this should be the top story. Finally after decades of PC and Console gamers being at eachothers throats.. we can now play together. Tell me this isnt amazing? And this will grow LIVE to amazing levels... simply with the LIVE arcade games... looks like achievements and everything will work on the PC..

ArmrdChaos5441d ago

This just shows the PC to console functionality. Just wait for MS to get the cell phones lit up on Live also. Now tell me that this is not worth paying a little less than 1 dollar a week for. This is that type of thing you will not get with a free network. They might be able to pull off the PC to Console multiplay connection, but to have it all intergrated in this manner...not a chance. The rest of you non-Live gamers enjoy your free second rate mashup solutions.

nstott5441d ago

Let's hope we get the whole xbox live experience on vista including demo and movie/tv show download. IPTV would be sweet also. The ability to stream the downloaded movies/tv shows to the 360 would also make the need for a bigger hard drive on the 360 unnecessary.