IGN: The Darkness Hands-On (360 Version)

The dreaded licence game scenario is as follows: generally speaking, original is best - adaptations only dilute or disappoint fans of the series or property in question. There are, of course, obvious exceptions to this rule of thumb such as GoldenEye, Aliens vs. Predator and, more recently, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Riddick in particular took a vaguely established character, Riddick, and reinvented his back-story, putting players in a brilliantly designed first-person stealth-em-up. By all rights, the game exceeded the depth and quality of the films upon which it was based. Playing with the use of light and dark, as well as the gritty futuristic prison setting, Riddick showed exactly how to handle a licence...

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beans5234d ago

From what I just read this game has the ingredients to be a sleeper hit on 360 and PS3 for 2007! Some of the best textures ever seen and a more extensive physics engine than HL2 sounds good to me!

Maldread5234d ago

I gotta say this game has grown on me. At first i couldn`t care about it, but it just keeps looking better and better for each preview.

In Norway we always make fun of the sweeds, but i guess that can`t include game developers.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5234d ago

this game on my MUST HAVE list right now!