Why Are Console Gamers So Adverse To Digital Games?

Alex Gibson from WGTC writes "Console owners are being offered the gaming equivalent of the iPod; an all in one device. But we’re not biting. Indeed, rather than embracing a switch to digital media with open arms – as was the case with the music industry – the video gaming digital revolution has largely been an unwelcome one among console gamers."

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MrsNesbitt1872d ago

I enjoy seeing a physical library, like my books. I'm not completely against digital downloads, they have their place but there's nothing like a physical copy imo

ThatGuyDart1872d ago

Exactly same reason for me. All the big AAA games I buy physical. Smaller games or games that are still cross gen I buy digital. Most JRPG's and Japanese games I also buy digital except the most popular like Final Fantasy or Persona, those I will be getting physical.

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robtion1872d ago

I agree, especially when it comes to books.

I think the biggest issue with digital on consoles is lack of storage space with consoles generally having a measly storage capacity.

MatrixxGT1872d ago

Wether you install from disc or digital storefront the storage space gets used up at same rate. The biggest benefit for psychical copy though is if you have crappy Internet or low caps and you want to play a deleted game you can pop disc in and install it again without waiting to DL. Worst case you have to re download a few patches and not the entire game.

nitus101872d ago

Depends, what you mean by measly storage capacity. If you are talking about AAA games that take about 40 to 50GB then you are looking at about 8 games for the 500GB disk and 18 games for the 1TB disk. If you do get games that are on average say 7GB then you can probably have about 60 games on a 500GB disk and around 130 games per 1TB disk and that is quite a large gaming library.

If you start filling up your disk with videos and other stuff then all bets are off.

Of course, if you could always install a 2TB disk in the PS4 since it's pretty easy and the price has come down considerably although if you really have money to burn you could install a 15TB SSD, but there is a saying in the IT industry. "No matter how much storage you allocate for a user, he/she will fill it and windge for more". 😉

_-EDMIX-_1872d ago

Completely agreed many times the only time I'm purchasing a digital game is if it's only available in that format or if the game is on sale with an extremely huge discount.

Retail disk FOR LIFE! I even buy my PC games this way..

Raoh901872d ago

besides, if some year in the future we're locked out of playing our digital games or PSN shuts down forever, we'll still be able to enjoy our physical games offline

Moe-Gunz1872d ago

I personally use both formats. Sometimes I go digital and others (especially major releases) I go physical. I even use custom cover art .

rainslacker1872d ago

Same here. I'm a collector. I like having a collection. If I wanted a digital collection, I'd just have kept pirating games like I used to.

Don't mind digital. I partake in some games that aren't available physically, or theres a really good sale for a game I might want to play, but it won't ever be my primary means of purchase, and if it's the only means one day, I'll probably just stick to retro collecting.

CorndogBurglar1872d ago

I like to smell the inside of the box when you first open a new game, like a complete weirdo.

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gamerpop1872d ago

Digital games are so much better. I honestly replay so many more games because I can just access them quickly. Also, multiplayer games, or games that I just pop into for a quick 20 minutes like Battlefront or Overwatch are SO much better digital.. no mucking around changing the CD. The price really isnt that much of an issue if you wait for sales as well.. If you're going to buy day 1 then theres no difference anyway.

yomfweeee1872d ago

No difference in price for Day 1? Completely untrue. Prime and GCU are guaranteed 20% savings. Other stores have sales on release as well.

jholden32491872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Exactly. GCU + BestBuy CC 5% back + Elite Plus bonus 1% back + double reward points (another 2% back) = 28% discount day one, not counting the games that qualify for $10 bonus rewards for preorder.

And it's game ownership in many cases, and can be shared, and can be displayed, and doesn't eat up the valuable HDD space (at least for Wii U, 3DS and Vita, although memory expansion is infinite and cheap for Nintendo platforms). I hate that my games mandatory install on PS4/X1. It's just more coercion towards digital by stripping the benefits of physical.

However, I modded my spare New 3DS XL, slapped a 200gb microSD in it and loaded my entire physical game library on it digitally, along with a comprehensive Virtual Console collection of SNES and GBA, TG16, etc and that is now become my main 3DS. I absolutely love digital knowing that I still have my physical copies and own them and can then enjoy having all my games on one device, especially for on the go.

But never in a million years would I invest all that money buying them digitally knowing that when the handheld dies I'm not going to be able to recover any of those games. It's a joke.

And that is what modding is good for- dumping your entire collection digitally so that you can enjoy the benefits without most of the downsides. Did the same with Wii U and loaded my entire GameCube and Wii collection on a 256gb SD.

Digital is great. But only as an enhanced way to enjoy your physical games, never as a primary medium.

Nitrowolf21872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

is it really that time consuming to swap discs? It literally takes less than a minute. Also, what about deleting games for hard drive space? So, if i want to play a game i deleted a long time ago, I have to wait for it to download, while disc base games will install it right as soon as its put in.

Also, pricing wise, yes there is a HUUUUGE difference

Like Yom mentioned, many services provide 15 to 20 dollars off at launch, and then lets not forget we see discounts for those games happening way before the digital counterpart, and even so they aren't that great of a discount for digital.

kaizokuspy1872d ago

My entire ps4 library is digital. Back in the day when I was younger I'd trade 2 games in, maybe buy 1. For those of us who do that, we inevitably find that our other friends go back to that same game after a while, thus having to rebuy it. I learned my lesson last gen and this gen I have a nice collection of over 100 games. As for discs. I did buy bf4 when I first bought my ps4, guess what? Disc won't read for some unknown reason but I picked up the digital version for $20 and never looked back.

uth111872d ago

When you want to remote play your games, changing discs is not an option

nitus101872d ago

In the case of the PS4 you can backup to an external hard drive and recover reasonably quickly as needed. The problem you have is how big an external hard drive do you need although the same could be said for internal storage.

SonyWarrior1872d ago

time consuming changing disks? haha what about the time it takes to make room on a filled HDD for a game in your libary that you want to play then sit for hours re downloading it since if you play a few games you run out of space

WiiU-Dude1871d ago

I made this point somewhere else and they almost thought I was crazy that I might want to play an older game again. Like, once I got board just delete it. If you want to play again reinstall. WHAT?!?!?! Yeah reinstall the game, then the DLC, ugh! Digital can be nice - IF there is enough hard drive space! I FREQUENTLY go back and forth through games. Microsofts seemless external hard drive is so much better than Sony's, but it could be a problem for MS too one day.
I buy a LOT of software!! Tons!! Digital only is nearly not possible.

_-EDMIX-_1872d ago

How many years did it take you to open the disc tray and put a disc inside? Lol

So you're running the risk of the company never supporting the game in the future in regards to redownload options so you don't have to open up a disc tray? That seems like a stupid trade off to me.

I own physical copies of Mass Effect series for PC so that way if something ever happens to the companies digital servers, I can care less at the end of the day they still have to honor my original purchase agreement that my game needs to work when I put it inside of my PC on digital you actually have no such agreement you're technically renting their game.

Also why should I be content to wait for sales when the physical copy is always going to be at a discount due to actually being a tangible object?

I'm sorry but I do not believe that not having a game to play simply so I don't have to open up the disk tray makes sense as a gamer, to have to wait for a sale to play a game is simply stupid.

When a game is box retail on a disk it's price fluctuates based on its Demand on the market , not based on the company's set price go look at how much mass effect cost on the disc, now look at how much steam is selling it for so I should wait to play this game as digital versus buy it cheaper in playing it today?

So you're telling me you love digital because you don't have to spend time changing the disc, but at the end of the day you're waiting months for the game to be on sale just to purchase it at a fair price? O_O...

That is extremely conflicting, like a lot.

You're only able to purchase some digital games at a fair price during a specific time of the year

You're able to purchase the disc version cheaper ALL times during the year.

Yet you are waiting months for a sale to save you seconds on the disc tray? Ummmm maybe you better evaluate your real priorities as a gamer cuz that seems sort of counterintuitive.

_-EDMIX-_1872d ago

Also how could you complain about the time it takes to change a disc when your alternative is to download the whole damn game? LMFAO!

Do you have Parkinsons? Is there a reason why you're unable to change the disc properly? How long is it really taking you to change the disc? In the lifetime that you own and play such a game does it really equal the hours it would spend for you to download it?

Doesn't add up.

Hates the time and function of changing the disk

is okay waiting for hours for the game to be downloaded

Is okay waiting months for sale just to purchase it at a fair price.

Your alternative technically has you waiting to play a game much longer than any other gamers lol

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yomfweeee1871d ago


Only in major cities in the US even have > 50mpbs right now, so nice try there.

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BlaqMagiq11872d ago

If it's trouble trying to change a disc, then you're lazy.

Yetter1872d ago

clearly we are in the minority on this thread, but I'm with you

spicelicka1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

I can understand that notion because it's convenient to finish playing your main game and just hop into a game for 15 minutes before you finish playing for the day. This is a convenience but not exactly an advantage, and in no way does that make digital games better.

The thing is that you have that option. I buy all my main games on disc but I still have a big digital library from all the free Xbox monthly games and some indie games. What rattles me is people wanting to remove that option and forcing digital only just because they're fine with it.

Well f*** that. Firstly digital discounted sales are never that great. You can ALWAYS get all those games cheaper in retail or used. Secondly, the biggest problem for me is variety, you get 2-3 "special" picks for the month on sale, and most of the time they're bundles for popular games like Destiny/CoD. If I want Just Cause 3 for example, it's $70 on the Xbox store digitally, so wtf a 9 month old game is being sold for $70? Either I wait for digital sale, which could be like next year for JC3, or I pay full price?? Well f*** that. Digital only means we'd be at the mercy of MS/Sony at all times, whatever they decide to charge. I can buy Just cause 3 for $50 from bestbuy, or $40 on holiday sales, or $25-$30 used, I have many outlets to choose from. This is the reason I rarely ever buy indie games because they're not on disc.

I also understand that some of these issues are because publishers have to distribute to retailers and removing all that would lead to the digital market being cheaper and more varied like steam. But I have a hard time believing that would actually make a big difference, MS/Sony aren't as generous as Valve, hard drive space would still be an issue, and trading/selling games is still another big advantage which convinces me to keep it the way it is.

Clown_Syndr0me1871d ago

No difference? Alot of games day one are £50 on the store. I can usually get physical pre orders/day ones for under £40. Then with my employer discount and a certain supermarket i pay around £32 for most new releases.

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SaveFerris1872d ago

Maybe if the price wasn't the same or sometimes more than a physical copy. Especially on consoles. But I don't mind owning some of the smaller, indie titles digitally.

XtraTrstrL1872d ago

Sometimes? The digital copies seem to ALWAYS be more than the physical copies. Plus they take forever to go down in price. Many times you'll find the digital copy of an AAA game still be full priced at $60 long after release, while the physical copy is under $15.

Razzer1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Yeah....but here is the thing. As long as there are physical copies of games in existence then the digital version is going to be more expensive. The reason for this is that physical copies have money tied up in them. If the physical copy doesn't sell then the retailer will return the unsold copies back to the publisher for a credit. The digital has no inventory. It is just bits. But the fact is publishers have to move their physical stores off the shelves as quick as they can. That is why you will see a physical copy go on sale a lot sooner than you will see a discounted digital price.

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