IP-TV: The 360 will be peoples only box under the TV

Peter Moore, who leads the Xbox business at Microsoft has a lot to talk about these days. First and foremost was the announcement Sunday night by Bill Gates that the Xbox 360 platform will be able to serve as an IP Television set-top box through a software upgrade. sat down with Moore at CES and asked him about this and other Xbox 360 topics. He said the IPTV announcement for the Xbox 360 further differentiates it against its competitors and could drive sales through telcos who partner with Microsoft. It could end up being the only box underneath the TV for a lot of families, he said.

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TheMART5241d ago


Read him:

No other box needed for getting the IPTV

"It's one-stop shopping with the Xbox 360: TV, DVDs, games," said Moore. "The Xbox 360 can replace what was basically a tuner in a box and now provide something that's truly interactive."

For existing users, they will be able to get a software upgrade that allows you to use your 360 as a set top box. The telcos would also sell the 360s to new subscribers who choose to go that route."

Damn I haven't even thought about that one, but (IP)TV companies can offer the 360 as the ultimate TV/movie box plus all other entertainment like gaming, videocalling with relatives etc etc etc

gogators5241d ago (Edited 5241d ago )

there is a larger hard drive to allow Tivo like functionality, then I will be looking at this option very closely. There is certainly alot of competition on the market to provide TV programming, but an easy way to save my programs would make this an interesting option, particularly if this gives more programming in HD. Directv still hasn't expanded this, nor much of anyone else depending on one's location. I would like some input on local channel offering too. Man xbox live seems to have limitless capabilities, what a great service, I don't care if cost 50$ a year to be a member. Particularly if this is what MS can add with the extra funds. It will be interesting to see the cost on IPTV, hopefully it will bring down cost like VOIP's have done.

Go gators

Zinswin5240d ago

Two weeks ago I almost signed up for 2 years of TiVo... I think I can wait til the end of this year for the 360's system. MSFT has really raised the bar with this. I bought the 360 for games and now it has all this great added functionality. Looking forward to getting rid of my cable box.

MicroGamer5240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

that Sony never counted on. If MS can convince people to replace their cable tv/satellite boxes with a 360, PS3 will be done. All they need to do is come up with a better programming package for less money and they will be in a lot more homes than they are now because a lot of people are getting seriously fed up with rising cable/satellite charges.

addictedtogames5238d ago

look at Moore's face. he's one of us.