Driveclub Deserves a Second Chance

"I think Driveclub flew under a lot of gamers radars. I recently picked it back up and realized there’s a lot to love about the title. I also found a brake-assist setting that makes the game much more accessible for gamers that don’t play many racing games." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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FasterThanFTL11872d ago

Gameplay is still pretty mediocre so no the game does not deserve a second chance.

Overload1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

The gameplay is not mediocre and this game doesn't have a rewind button. It was reviewed badly because it was broken at launch and didn't have enough content, don't confuse yourself. For racing fans who aren't into racing through cornfields, this is the game for you.

brettnll1872d ago

That sounds about right ^

Filmicfps1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

There are much better racers out there but not on the PS4. So if you dont have a Xbox One then you have no choice but to play this and wait for GT Sport

Overload1872d ago

What are you talking about? That is my comment from the other discussion and that is exactly what is says.

Aloy-Boyfriend1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Excuse me @filmi...

The only racer that isn't on PS4 is Forza because it is a MS IP. So we have Need for Speed which is worse than Driveclub. Mm what other Arcade racer?

In the Sim space there's Asseto Corsa and Project cars. Yeah they are sims, which are very different than Driveclub. It is possible to enjoy Driveclub and a racing sim. Oh and there's GT Sport as well. So that is also a good combo.

Unless I am missing something, Xbox One only has Forza as exclusive. Other than that it has the same 3rd party racers as PS4. Oh wait you are stealthily telling us with your comment that the only good racer is Forza. No thank!

we got other choices other than DC, so stop with your pessimism. It is irrelevant if there are better racer than DC becaue DC can be pretty enjoyable as well. It may have been broken at a launch, but right now it has become much better. Anyone still hating it should be a damn hipster

cannon88001872d ago

Driveclub is an addicting game. I have more hours in this game, than any other in my library. The attention to detail and the amazing sound design is awesome.

freshslicepizza1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

"The gameplay is not mediocre and this game doesn't have a rewind button."

what does a game with an optional rewind button matter to driveclub?

"It was reviewed badly because it was broken at launch and didn't have enough content, don't confuse yourself. For racing fans who aren't into racing through cornfields, this is the game for you."

corn fields? pretty lame attempts at attacking forza and forza horizon. i think this game does deserve a second chance and what sony should do is offer a free vr upgrade to those who bought it (or is it free) and should include the demo with every psvr kit sold. the game looks beautiful and fun but your fanboyish responses to instantly attack the forza games is immature to say the least. all of them look like fun to play.

badz1491872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I bought it day 1 and have been playing DC ever since! honestly, there has never been a single game that had kept me playing for this long EVER! I consider myself as "already conquered" the game and got all the gold stars including the DLC and also the Bike expansion and I've been winning online races frequently too. so did I stop playing? NO, I bought myself the G29 when they update the game to support that particular wheel and I'm having the best time ever in a racing game!

graphics is still 2nd to none and it's an amazing feat considering it's only on PS4. I tried Forza 6 Apex on my R9 390 PC, and I honestly think who ever said it looks better than DC is literally blind or has never played DC before. I'm also playing Dirt 3 and Dirt Showdown on my PC right now but I was like..."how the hell is DC still looking so much better than these games on max settings?" it's like Codemasters weren't even trying!

I think I'll continue playing DC because it's fun and with a wheel it's much more challenging and entertaining. It was a huge blow to me when they announced the closure of Evo. I have loved them since their WRC Extreme days and then moving on to the Motorstorm series - arguably the best arcade racer EVER and now DC! I can't wait for GT:S but DC will always be high on my list of best games I ever played!

LaWiiG1872d ago

Then it should not have shipped.

Mulando1872d ago

It's still a bad racer. Maybe a medicore arcade racer, but still has so many flaws a game of this type shouldn't have.
It looks good, but that's all about that game.

Second chance... well if a DriveClub 2 is better gameplay-wise, sure

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SCW19821872d ago

You couldn't be more wrong. This is the spiritual successor to the Project Gotham series and it's an excellent arcade racer.

Mulando1872d ago

PGR was more sim and less arcady than this game.
I have nothing against arcade racers, but the feeling if you drive a car in this game is just bad.

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Hoffmann1872d ago

The gameplay is mediocre? It was and is the best arcade racer since Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

Aloy-Boyfriend1872d ago

Don't sweat it Bison. This guy tends to be a PS hater at times. Every PS exclusive os flawed to him

gangsta_red1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I guess this is what we call opinions right?


He's a hater because he didn't enjoy Driveclub?

Liqu1d1872d ago

Explain in detail how driving a car around a track is mediocre.

Oh...that's right, you can't.

goathouse7741872d ago

Oh, look. A troll. Jesus, they're uglier in person.

GTgamer1872d ago

Lmaoooooo define mediocre because Dc is farrrrrrrrr from medicore so please gimme a better reason the fans love Dc.

Aeery1872d ago

Pretty mediocre ?! Wtf I'm reading here!?

DC is one of the best racing game of this gen. Period.

Soc51872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Nah totally disagree, I've been playing racers since I was a little kid and the gameplay on this as it is now is really tight I have a lot of fun with it. And it's actually one of my favorite arcade racers, it has modifiable time and weather, a hardcore mode great graphics etc. The only thing I don't like is their silly boundaries on tracks that are too close to the street and no actual damage options. But besides that it's great and I got it for 7 bucks! It completely and totally deserves a second chance, I had heard of it for a while and never got it due to the issues I heard it was having. I got it a couple of months ago and it's been great. Now if you want a sim then no it's not for you. That's why for my sim fix I'm probably getting Assetto Corsa. Heard a lot of good things about it and can't wait to try it out.

edit: oh and load times are great! It's also nice to be able to hit restart and immediately be able to race again, I hate when you have to restart and you watch a loading screen or some dumb animation.

KickSpinFilter1871d ago

Just wrote this above.
I Love this game, and I've been playing racing games since Pole Position, I actually went out and bought a wheel for the first time ever. Just love the sensation of speed, it's a steep learning curve, but once you get it it's just an amazing game. Really bad launch, but since the server/weather update it's been on the up and up.
DC is an exceptional racing arcade-sim game.

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XXanderXX1872d ago

Isn't that a question that needs to be asked of its fans who felt letdown and done individual....

Speak_da_Truth1872d ago

Oh trust me. Fans of driveclub are far from disappointed especially with the fact that Evolution Studios listen to us and made the game into what it is now. The only thing we are disappointed about is Sony shutting down the studio.

XXanderXX1872d ago

So prior to your use of the word now and them listening the game was lackluster , lame , POS .
which was it .

Gitgud1872d ago

ah man, I wanted a new Motorstorm. Apocalypse is so great, sad that we won't see a sequel.

rainslacker1872d ago

Game had problems at launch, mostly related to the online features which weren't necessary to play the game itself. Lack of content at launch was kind of overstated, as it was more there just wasn't a lot of variety to that content. Since they worked all that out, it's become one of the better arcade style racers I've played, and it received tons of new features and support. For those that didn't buy it day one, one could manage to get the game and season pass pretty cheap within a month, and I can't really see what they'd be disappointed in. Controls required a change for those coming from something like GT, but once you got used to it, it was lots of fun to play.

I understand there are going to be people that don't like it for whatever reason, but the only people I see that actually say they don't or that it's bad tend to be the one's that have a habit of showing loyalty to another system.

uth111872d ago

It will get a second chance, it's coming to VR