The Last Guardian Images Surface Online

A handful of images from the PS4 exclusive The Last Guardian.

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DragonDDark1876d ago

I want this gaaaamme!!!!!

1876d ago
DragonDDark1876d ago

Actually years*...

Lol I'll stop now.

TWB1876d ago

Seriously though, I never buy expensive Collectors Editions for games, but I have preordered the one for The Last Guardian has. On top of that, I never preorder games even this early (usually only a few days before release).

My body is so ready...

Immorals1876d ago

For a game that's coming out this year, we know very little. Wish more games had this mystery going up to launch, leaks kill surprises :(

PygmelionHunter1876d ago

Yeah... Though I think those are good for people still on the fence about games, I usually just stay as far away from leaks as possible. Works on most situations.

Anyway, my body is ready for this game! Bring it on, Team ICO!

Majin-vegeta1876d ago

This and Horizon are two mysterious games.


Horizons showed a fair bit compared to the last guardian. Both im sure is going to be epic in their own way :)

JCW20051876d ago

man, been waiting since 2009 and hyped as ever, hngggggggggg

LuckyChamCham1876d ago

PS4 has the best exclusives!!!

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neutralgamer19921876d ago

the last guardian

what many don't realize is that sotc never ran well on ps2 but still many people hold it right up there

the last guardian will get same treatment, i am not playing this game for graphics/locked frame rates

TWB1876d ago

I dont quite agree with that. Ico was at least planned originally to be developed for the PS1 but they decided to jump to the PS2, and Ico ran great. SotC was planned from the grounds up for the PS2 and they almost jumpped on the PS3 but decided to keep the project on PS2 (I dont remember the reasoning for that though), and thats mostly why SotC ran so poorly on PS2. They went all the way with what they could do with PS2's hardware and it shows.

Now they almost did the same with TLG by releasing it for the PS3, but decided not to repeat mistakes they did with SotC, so they jumpped onto PS4 to get the best possible outcome.

I believe TLG will be a much more closer to Ico than to SotC in terms of technological performance.

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