Is ‘Easy Mode’ Possible In Dark Souls?

Smoothing out the difficulty curve isn’t about making the game easier, it’s about giving players the tools to be better.

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1874d ago
uth111874d ago

If they made them easier, it would enable people to rush through them and they would turn around and complain the game is too short.

From found a formula that works well, and it's hard to see how they could make it much easier without harming a piece of what makes the games work well. A big part of that is psychological- make the player feel a sense of dread, or make the next enemy appear tougher than it is.

Anyway, it's a moot debate as From said they aren't working on more Souls games.

Macka10801874d ago

Agreed, and that's why a theoretical Easy mode wouldn't be about making the game easier, but rather training the player in how to manage the threats of the Souls worlds. It would be the in-game version of the instructive YouTube videos and strategy guides that already exist.

jholden32491873d ago

I don't want an easier difficulty. Neither do I want easy mode for Monster Hunter.

However, I recognize the value in having an easy mode. Not all players are the same, not all can attain the same level of skill, and all should not be treated with a single cookie cutter formula.

They could easily implement an easy mode where damage taken is slightly less, i-frames are slightly more, perhaps one extra Estus flask, etc.

That's not going to magically win the game for people, but it can be the difference between new players giving up and succeeding enough to stick with it.

And if the franchise base is to grow, they MUST make it more welcoming for new players and the less skilled. Easy mode would be completely optional and would not affect anyone who did not desire to play that mode. And I don't think an extra Estes flask and slightly less damage is going to suddenly make the game too short to where people complain and even if they did you could just easily rebut and see them play the normal mode now that you've broken your skills in a little bit.

Monster Hunter Generations made huge strides toward shortening that gap between veterans and noobs without compromising the challenge experienced players seek out. And Dark Souls needs to do the same. The exclusive 'git gud' mentality, and not just from players but the devs themselves, is hurting the franchise. And while I respect From's decisions as it is their game, that doesn't mean I necessarily agree with every decision they make.

ziggurcat1873d ago

No. Either learn the mechanics or summon help.

Movefasta19931873d ago

It's hilarious when people who coop the dark souls games claim it's easy.No shit it's an easy game when you coop it or spam spells.

nitus101872d ago

Spamming spells in Dark Souls is a great way to die. Most spells are fairly slow to initiate and within that timeframe the spellcaster can easily be overwhelmed by a fighter with fairly mediocre weapons. The hand flame spell of the Pyromancer is fairly fast and when leveled up and can be devastating against pretty much anyone but there still is a delay of about half a second and a good weapons fighter can use that opening to their advantage.

In Bloodborne, you can also use spells that require bullets which can be used very effectively and can even be a one hit kill (you need to be level 18 or more to do this) on some creatures. Of course, nothing beats visceral attacks.

The easy mode in all Souls games and Bloodborne is to request and accept coop whether it be with NPC's or player assist and most bosses actually go for your coop partner first and if they kill them guess who is now in the firing line.

KilKarazy1873d ago

It's really well balanced now but if they wanted to make an easy mode I think reducing the cost of upgrades and boosting the starting stats would probably be enough

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The story is too old to be commented.