Netflix app updated with support for 4K and HDR in Xbox Store

Microsoft today announced the availability of updated Netflix app in Xbox Store. This new update brings support for 4K and HDR which will be useful on Xbox.

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809d ago

Just got a email from Amazon saying my X1S shipped. Can't wait to try this out.

ONESHOTV2809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

this is good if anyone can buy a tv/ monitor with HDR then i think it's worth the money the sharp colors can't be beat when HDR is enabled

opinionated809d ago

I agree. I was blown away at the store when I was shopping for my TV. I don't care as much about resolution than I do the color difference. Amazing stuff.

Can't wait to see what gears and forza does with it but I have to wait until October so it sucks. As a gears fan I think the custom box looks too cool to pass up and it's a great deal.

rainslacker809d ago

To me, HDR brings more improvement than 4K. The difference is pretty impressive if the content is coded for it.

XMarkstheSpot809d ago

Don't really know how the first comment got marked as Spam, but good f'ing job MS, I know my TV will be happy. Everything they have been doing since the horribly failed console release has been pretty spot on imo. Very pro-gamer attitude right now.


Because this site is overrun by Sony Drones who mark anything positive MS.

Sonyslave3809d ago

I know right how the the hell he got mark as spam when he or she said nothing fanboyish lol you cant even say anything positive about xbox on this site.

rainslacker809d ago

He was banned elsewhere for something else he said. We've been getting a lot of these new accounts of people that have been banned using another name recently for constant trolling or breaking the rules in some way. When one gets banned, all their comments get marked as spam.

XMarkstheSpot809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

This comment was fine. A wrong comment and all your comments get marked is a little .. gestapo-ish**

rainslacker809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

The comment above was fine. It was one of his other comments or something else he did which got him banned. A ban is from the entire site, not just hiding their comments as spam. When one is banned, all their comments get marked as spam.

You're questioning the individual comment, and others are positting reason of "sony fan boys" while it's actually a moderator issue dealing with a troll, hence I'm talking about his entire account.

For the most part, the people that are getting banned as of late, have a pretty rampant history of trollish comments and behavior.

I understand wanting to maintain some semblance of balance for your part, but we shouldn't encourage trollish behavior from any camp, including one's own.

My guess is he got banned for this comment

You'll have to scroll to read it though since no jump for the flagged comments. Typically, calling someone sheep or bot results in a restriction or ban...and the bans seem to come from people making new accounts because their old account got banned for some reason.

XMarkstheSpot809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

So why is his entire account not banned and hes aloud to comment? If he made a new account then this new account does not fall under his old account so he should not get marked. but I understand what your saying.

Nvm reread whgat you posted.

cfc83809d ago

Anyone with a 4k tv think it makes much difference to tv than 1080p, and would it make a difference to games.

rainslacker809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

It's a bit sharper with 4K. There is a difference, but to me it's not as substantial as it was from SD to HD. Even 1080 content tends to be sharper when upscaled depending on the quality of the upscaler. Overall, the picture quality is better for me on my Samsung 4K, but it's a pretty good TV either way, so that might have more to do with it than 4K alone.

HDR will make a difference though, as it actually deals with the image quality, not the resolution. It brings out things you wouldn't see before, and gives great contrast and texture detail when the graphics are set up to take advantage of it. Actual movies with HDR look absolutely stunning...better than a quality theater screen IMO. Best part is, is that the blacks don't all crush together into an amorphous blob which can make dark scenes hard to make out....and I'm sure we are all aware of quite a few games where this can be a problem...especially on lower end TV's which clip the blacks at higher range.

I work for a company that designs graphics tools for gaming, and we've run tests with focus groups, and HDR images upscaled to 4K were always pegged as the native image to a non-HDR 4K native image. about 70% of the time, people couldn't tell the difference between a 1080/HDR upscaled image or a 4K/HDR native image or video...and there is some speculation among the testing team that people may have just been guessing in some cases. Some types of images get more improvement over the higher resolution though, and the size of the screen can play a big part in how much difference one sees. Overall, quality screen will net you more benefit regardless of the source content.

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