Overwatch: New Glitch Lets You Explore Nepal’s Level

Overwatch has been very popular ever since its release. The game has managed to create a massive player base for itself and while this is very good for the game as a whole, there are some players with basically too much time on their hands and these players go hunting for glitches, unexplored areas and other hidden secrets in the game. One of these players managed to stumble upon a new glitch that lets players explore a brand new area in one of the game’s maps.

In a recent video posted by YouTube user Hulkman503, some very impressive and creative glitch work has been shown. With another player with him, he managed to use Mercy’s gliding and resurrect ability to basically go out of the map’s bounds and glide down below to find another Nepal level one after the other. You can check out the video below of the glitch in action which should give you a better understanding on how exactly this is done and how the new area looks like.

It must be noted that the new “out of bounds” areas are complete ones with health packs spawned as well. This could mean that these are complete maps and are ready to go to be released in the future. What is interesting here is that all of these maps are loaded into a single instance at the same time. The player in the video mentions that at the start base of the new areas, you can change your characters and notes that Symmetra’s Ultimate ability can be used to teleport the whole team down to the new area. The players also mention that they also tried similar ways to glitch through other maps as well but were unable to produce the results similar to those found in the Nepal map.
Finally, it can be said that now that the cat is out of the bag, we can expect a patch from Blizzard to fix this glitch and a new patch should remove this glitch through immediately.

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monsoon_moon1875d ago

These aren't new maps, these are the 3 Nepal maps which are very playable.

1875d ago