Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has gone gold

“Deus Ex #MankindDivided is GOLD! We can't wait for you all to play our game. 🎉💛”

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-Foxtrot1884d ago

Good to hear. Now I need to figure out whether to keep my collectors edition pre order or cancel it and just get the Steelbook at GAME. I mean £109.99 is a lot of just this

It's one of those editions where if you buy it full price you might end up seeing it later at a lower one.


Collectors editions...always a gamble.

quent1884d ago

A strange mixture of excitement and anxiety for mankind divided, mostly excited though, this franchise has such a great legacy.

TwoForce1884d ago

Yes, I loved the Human Revolution. And I can't wait for this. Finally, this game has new game plus. Congrats, My friend.

Grown Folks Talk1883d ago

My tiny pre-order download unpacked the other day. Just over 38 gigs. Now the long wait until Aug 23rd.