Disney Provides a Closure Timeline for Disney Infinity

Disney have provided details on how Disney Infinity's cancellation will affect the game. It's much worse than previously anticipated, as some versions of the game will become completely unplayable.

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PoopsMcGee813d ago

I never played this but thought it might be a great way to start playing a game with my 4-year-old daughter, so I'm somewhat bummed Disney axed it.

My question to anyone who can help: How essential are the online multiplayer aspects of the game for full enjoyment? Is it beefy and fun enough without the online portions to justify a post-death purchase??? I'm not worried about the trophies...

gamer7804813d ago still the playsets, which provides about 6-8 hours of playtime each you and your daughter can play. You can still build your own toyboxes to play in you just can't share it download with anyone. I'd reccomend playing the playsets but do your building in version 3.0. hope that helps. I'm bummed too though. Was hoping to see xmen next. Still lots to do and easy for kids to Olay with you but you can play at the same time and help them complete harder missions.

MonAmiibo813d ago

The offline aspects are still plenty of fun - playsets provide story modes that last at least 5 hours each, a lot more if you go after 100% completion. You'll also be able to build your own levels and sandboxes to play around in still, you just won't be able to download anyone else's.

PoopsMcGee813d ago (Edited 813d ago )

Thank you both!

I think I'll pick it up for her birthday next week.

EDIT - Sorry! Should've replied to one/both of you instead of myself...

AnubisG813d ago

And this is why I hate online only or mp only games. This crap would never happen to single player games.

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