Nintendo Will Bounce Back With the NX...Because it's Done it Before

Nintendo is set to do the Wii again, as it prepares to win back its audience with the NX next year.

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Yi-Long813d ago

I really don't see how, to be honest.

After the leaks this week, that the console will basically be a handheld with detachable controllers, and not all that powerful compared to current gen, the general reaction among many gamers was:"well, that's a shame".

Once again, it seems Nintendo is betting on being 'different' is going to win them millions of sales, and hey, maybe it will get another huge hype and a whole lot of casuals will jump on board. I personally don't see that happening, but who knows!?

Sadly though, it's not the kind of console that 'gamers' want, as in, we don't want a gimmick-based console, but we WOULD love to play Nintendo games on a normal powerful system using a normal controller.

I'm not saying EVERYONE wants that, but certainly a whole lot of gamers who criticises and skipped the Wii and WiiU for those reasons.

I know I'm very disappointed with the leaks that came out. Like many, I was really hoping Nintendo, for once, would just release a normal console with a normal controller, and we would have a whole bunch of great Nintendo games AND 3rd Party support to enjoy.

I'm not investing in a gimmick-based console.

Abash813d ago

The NX won't be even close to being another Wii success story, but I see it doing well enough to keep them in the hardware business. It'll sell more than the Wii U but less than the 3DS.

XisThatKid812d ago

I'm just going to say this title is ridiculous simply because it's like saying "you'll won't die, it's never happened before" I'm all for the company to at least stay afloat in this industry but that's just an obscure claim. I genuinely don't think ANYTHING will see Wii success especially another Ninty home console. I do hope NX is worth getting though.

Yukes812d ago

Largely agree. Nintendo are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They say they don't want to compete with Sony and Microsoft, but inevitably they must do. They're all in the same console sphere, after all! Plus, they know they need third-party support.

I just don't understand why Nintendo cannot make a simple, fairly powerful box (Gamecube MkII if you like) and then seek to innovate more with the software, rather than the hardware.

jmc8888812d ago

They can easily. They are choosing not to.

Personally I have to think they feel responsible to uphold they Kyoto climate agreement. Because that's where Nintendo is located. Kyoto.

Think about it, they keep only going with low power console when everyone and their mom wants Nintendo to give them a powerful one. They know what we want. They don't want to make it.

AMD/Nvidia (who really make the guts that are in the consoles, so they're really the console maker) can make them powerful parts just like they do for Sony/MS.

I think they think they are doing their civic duty. Most other people think they are destroying and pretty much have destroyed their company.

Summons75812d ago

But it'll be a handheld so you can stop trying to tear it down by comparing it to the PS4/Xbox one. By the rumors it's more powerful than the WiiU which means in handheld terms it's more powerful than the 3DS and more Powerful than the Vita. For a handheld that's pretty exciting if it can play old 3DS games and if it can play digital WiiU games as backwards comparable games. Not to mention if it's the hybrid then we will finally get the genuine Pokemon experience on TV because of the conntection. All in all this should be exciting but people LOOOOOOOVEEEEEE to be negative for no reason and afraid of something new. Spoilers: power ≠ how good the system will be. Look at the 3DS vs the Vita. The Vita is no doubt more powerful than the 3DS but the 3DS is way better than the Vita because of the library. If these rumors are true and Nintendo can stick the landing then this system is going to redefine the gaming scene again. Think if Sony had a genuine way to play Uncharted 4 on the go (not the crappy remote play that requires online with downgraded visuals) that looks just as good if not better than the PS4? People would go nuts. The same is going to happen with the new Zelda. It's fine and dandy if you buy it on the WiiU but being able to buy it on a handheld system, taking it on the go or plugging it into the TV and having the same if not better visuals, people will go nuts more than they already are for the Breath of the Wild. I've been predicting it's a handheld with possible hybrid abilities for a year now and it's exciting the though to get a genuine home console experience and taking it on the go.

jmc8888812d ago

It's a great handheld, it's utter crap as a console.

The problem is, NINTENDO itself is calling it a console. They are saying you can 'take your games on the go'. Nope. It's I can plug my handheld games into my HDTV. That doesn't make it a console.

Ok it's a handheld, I'll wait for a console from Nintendo. Oh what's that Nintendo? You've abandoned making consoles, and want me to buy a handheld and call it a console? No.

Power IS how good a system will be. Without sufficient power in order to have the games developers are making, then the system will miss out on the best games. So yes, power does make how good a system is.

The NX looks to be like a good handheld, but crap as a console.

Genuine console experience? No. Not if it doesn't have 95-99 percent of the games from PS4/XB1/PC.

If PS4 had uncharted on the go, I could care less. I'm not a mobile gamer. Most people aren't. If they play games on the go, their phone is just fine. People aren't asking for this.

Besides, you are making a impossible argument. Because Uncharted 4 is not going to be played on a handheld because you can't do that yet. The NX is nowhere close to that. If you say put Nintendo games on the go... sure, Nintendo games are low power games. It's not hard to make Mario Kart 8, or any of these games on mobile devices. They are last decade graphics.

No, I can honestly say if I bought an NX, I'd never take it off the dock. I would want to use it as a console. Which is a problem, since most games will still be of the handheld variety. So I'd have a NX, with few game options, just like the Wii U. Less western 3rd party support than the Wii U. Few Nintendo games for the NX as well. (why? Because most will still be handheld games). If I have a NX, a handheld system, I'm not going to be buying handheld type games.

Love to be negative? No. Some people want to be realistic. Some people want to drink the kool aid.

This system doesn't have what casuals want. It doesn't have what Nintendo console gamers want. It doesn't have what PS4/XB1/PC gamers want.

The only people salivating over this are Nintendo's HANDHELD gamers. Because this is a HANDHELD.

Just about everyone else, who also happen to be asking pertinent questions, are seeing this as the flop it will be. Not a flop handheld wise. But console wise, bigger than Wii U flop pretty much assured.

All we need is Nintendo to confirm all the bad parts, just like we needed Microsoft to confirm all the bad parts of the Xbox One.

gedden7812d ago

This leak is only partial info, don't base judgment from rumors.

Captain_TomAN94812d ago

Yeah I'm sorry but (from what we know) this is just gonna be another GameCube at best sales wise, and it may do terrible since it will likely have even worse 3Rd party support than the Wii U.

Also - "because they did before". Please! The Wii was a complete fluke that ended up leaving a terrible taste in their fans' mouths. Every Nintendo console since the NES has sold worse than the one before it...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory811d ago

"handheld with detachable controllers, and not all that powerful compared to current gen"
No shit it's a handheld.

806d ago
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FallenAngel1984813d ago

Wii didn't win Nintendo its former audience. It gave them a a new one that was mostly filled with casuals. That's going to be impossible to replicate on NX now that casual gamers have migrated over in droves to mobile gaming.

NX doesn't have a prayer of gaining favor with an audience that's grown accustomed to the PlayStation and Xbox brands, especially with all the features and multiplats that are set to miss Nintendo's next console.

In the console realm Nintendo's own dedicated audience seems to shrink every generation with the sole exception of Wii.

There's not much hope for Nintendo's future consoles rebounding in any regard when you really think about it. It's no wonder that they may be focused on the handheld aspect so much, especially with the successful 3DS approaching 7 years and being in need of a successor.

jmc8888812d ago

Don't forget that hooking up a handheld to a HDTV does not create a 'wow' experience like motion controls did for casuals.

No, they can make a proper console, and it would receive a ton of support, and sales. A Nintendo is the only potential console that if made up to snuff, could run the Battlefield/CoD/Mass Effect, etc.... while also giving families the kid oriented themes in Nintendo's first party games. If anything it would be the widest appealing box out there. We never see Nintendo try for that, so it 'seems' impossible.

There's not much hope for Nintendo's consoles, because Nintendo has decided they only want to build low power consoles. In this case, a handheld with a hdmi out on the base and call it a console.

Multiplats would love to make games on a Nintendo system. They just can't because Nintendo gives them crap to work with. If it had comparable power, and was easy to code/port to, they'd get as many ports as Sony or Microsoft get.

Overall Nintendo is lost. They don't want to make a powerful system, they want to make a powerful handheld and be king of the mobile phones... except the people who play mobile phone games, don't want to buy separate hardware and don't want to pay $60.

This appeals only to Nintendo's handheld market.

remixx116812d ago (Edited 812d ago )


fitfox812d ago

that logic is air tight *sarcasm

DarkZane812d ago

The Wii was like catching lightning in a bottle. They will never be able to replicate that success in the home console department.

They caught lightning in a bottle in the mobile department again with Pokemon Go. However Pokemon Go is likely a one time wonder. Nintendo is not gonna be able to replicate this as well.

kneon812d ago

It isn't even Nintendo that are responsible for Pokemon Go. They got lucky that someone else had a good idea that helps raise their brand image.

deafdani812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

Pokemon Go was born as an april fools' joke, and that was Iwata's idea, in fact.

Look it up.

jmc8888812d ago

...and don't forget. The ability to play Pokemon Go on your phone is less of a reason to want a NX to begin with.

If you can play Nintendo mobile games on your phone, why do you need to buy a NX to play slightly more advanced Nintendo handheld games?

I think Nintendo will still mostly create 'handheld' games, with games like Zelda being rare on the NX. Proper console NX games will probably be just as numerous as Nintendo Wii U games were.

All this, one line stuff is assuming you want to buy their handheld games. If you are just looking for the next Zelda, the next Mario, the next traditional console game, you probably won't see much of an increase in the amount of games YOU want.

wonderfulmonkeyman811d ago

"The ability to play Pokemon Go on your phone is less of a reason to want a NX to begin with. "

Even Stretch Armstrong would be afraid of attempting that kind of extreme reach.

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