Top Ten Multiplayer Wii U Games

Phil writes, "With the focus of Nintendo and a lot of gamers on the NX, SuperPhillip Central would be remiss if it didn't look back on Nintendo's current system that is now in its twilight years. Despite lacking sales, Nintendo's Wii U certainly did not lack appealing games. However, as we've seen, appealing games isn't enough to sell a console nowadays.

Regardless, Nintendo's failed console was one of the last bastions for couch multiplayer gaming. The system was an embarrassment of riches in the multiplayer scene, both online and off. Today's top ten list delves into just some of these impressive multiplayer titles that are best played together than alone.

After you've read the SuperPhillip Central list, what multiplayer titles on the Wii U were your favorites?"

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PixelGateUk1887d ago

Monster Hunter 3 is still one of my fave console mp games. Such a awesome player base

racer221886d ago

mario kart all the way

Phil321886d ago

Check out the bottom for the honorable mentions! :)

Alexious1885d ago

I wish I could play Mario Kart at 4K Ultra graphics on PC.