CheatCC's Plea For More Soul Calibur

Why has Bandai Namco abandoned the best fighting game series in the world to focus solely on Tekken 7?

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VsAssassin811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

Well T7 has taken a long time to come to consoles. It has been about 7 years since we had a Tekken game on the PS3. This long wait is kinda telling where Namco is at financially. They probably don't see too much profit in fighting games as much as they did in the previous generations.

Edit: I would really like to have another SC game that's not rushed though. I'm looking at you, SCV!

blackblades811d ago

Been waiting for a sc game for a long time. At least bring a remaster of sc3 to ps4. Also its SC 20th anniversary and I heard there might be something related to SC soon maybe tgs.

Hoffmann811d ago

SC's 20th Anniversary would be in 1998 when the arcade version of SoulCalibur was released.

If SoulEdge counts as well, the Anniversary was in January this year.

Hoffmann811d ago

"It has been about 7 years since we had a Tekken game on the PS3"

TTT2 was released in September 2012, Tekken Revolution in June 2013

blackblades811d ago

Idk I just google soul calibur last week and new news popped up related to soul calibur but everything the articles were in Spanish. All I seen was 20th anniversary, which usually last the whole year.

VsAssassin811d ago

Virtually and forward speaking 7 years when T7 comes out in early 2017.

SugarSoSweet811d ago

Tekken 7 is awful, Tekken needs a reboot like MK, Tomb Raider