The Darksiders Remaster isn’t much of an improvement for PC gamers

A short opinion piece about the PC version of the upcoming Darksiders Warmastered edition.

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Jimboms902d ago

I mean is anything ever an upgrade for the PC Master Race?

Booggeyman902d ago

When it comes to graphics rarely, but a bit of new content would have made this much more appealing for all gamers, including those on PC.

Maxor901d ago

Lets get real. The PC got this upgrade on day one. All they had to do was crank the graphics to max and run it at 60 FPS.

Genova84901d ago

No free upgrade I take it ...

jeromeface901d ago

They didn't when they remastered 2...

JamesBroski901d ago

The "Deathinitive" edition of Darksiders 2 was disgusting anyway. Never seen a game with so much stuttering. I don't think they did anything but to resell it to most of their fans.

marioJP87901d ago

As usual for any remaster game from last gen.