The future is bright for Dead Rising

George Foster from NerdHub writes:
With the massive influx of Dead Rising titles coming our way this year, there has never been a better time to be a Dead Rising fan.

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MrsNesbitt812d ago

Another reason why the zombie genre isn't boring!

812d ago
ONESHOTV2812d ago

"The future is bright for Dead Rising" it has a bright future when it's on one's chosen platform that should have been the title.

ThePope812d ago

The future has always been bright. I've played and loved all the DR series. DR3 had the most fun co-op I've played in a game. It was a blast.

Meltic812d ago

Its not coming to steam so no buy.... damn why are they doing this... wont buy Another trashy title on windows store. The last one was QB and it ran like shit for the first 2 weeks Before the patch.

jb227811d ago

Pretty sure they already confirmed that it'll be hitting Steam 90 days after release, then PS4 after a year, just like the TR deal so I wouldn't worry about it...just wait a few months & get it for the superior platform in Steam

Meltic810d ago

Look the trailer, it's said windows 10 store and not steam

jb227809d ago

Yeah I assume the trailer says that because it's being published by MS (and they have always been pretty shady w/ their marketing in general) out of the gate for their platforms, XBox & Win10, but the devs have definitely confirmed that it hits Steam after 90 days...I could look for a link for you but I'd say you can google it and see the info really's definitely hitting Steam though after 90 days so I'd just hold out if I were you.