Telltale taking its games multiplayer, starting with Batman

Now family and friends can help you make decisions in your adventure games.

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Nitrowolf21343d ago

I have been waiting for them to do something like this

A game like this could severely benefit from features like these.

Shubhendu_Singh1342d ago

What? Oh c'mon.
I thought we settled that some experiences doesn't need Multiplayer shoved into them.

And games like what Telltale does are perhaps the LAST type of games that should have multiplayer.
I rather have them concentrate on Single Player storytelling than wasting precious time and money on MP. There are tons of other MP experiences, yet the telltale like experiences are few. I am a bit skeptical now.

emad-E-three1342d ago

Terrible idea Imo
Rather than wasting resources on a completely unneeded mode they should've started developing an original new IP story based game and not continually getting licences for established games!

Too much telltales and none is original and now with multiplayer...meh

r3f1cul1342d ago

nothing ive seen about this batman game has really caught my eye as interesting if im being honest... now an MP mode that im sure will launch in shambles has pretty much sealed this game in the "no buy zone" until proven otherwise ...