Toy Story + Battlefield = Battlefield Heroes Trailer

I look at this video and all I could think was "Hey, somebody spilled some Pixar on my Battlefield game!" If you are a one of the niche fans of Rocket Launchers and kilts, your in luck. I can't wait to be able to get my hands on this free first person shooter from the same folks that have brought us the uber-successful Battlefield franchise. Cheers to DICE and here's to hoping there is alot more where this came from.

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Bombibomb4319d ago

Wow this looks fun lol.

Tacki4319d ago

But does anyone else think this looks ALOT like Team Fortress 2?

Bolts4319d ago

There seems to be a trend in the computing world which favors bright cartoony characters. It started with WoW, then TF 2, and now it even spilled into Star Wars the Clone Wars. Hopefully this trend dies after Battlefield Heroes. I would hate for Halo 4 or the next MGS to look like this.

DeadlyFire4319d ago

Don't forget Prince of Persia. I doubt this trend will die, but I don't think it will explode to new heights either though.