DICE's Vegetation Artist Experiments With Unreal Engine 4

DICE’s Simon Barle – who was worked on both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Heroes – shared the following images, showing the progress he’s made to this Unreal Engine 4 map.

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FromTheAshes2450d ago

Cool to see studios experiment with other graphics engines to get a feel for the feature set or even improve their own considering DICE has Frostbite.

angelsx2450d ago

I don't care about Battlefield Hardline.I want to see BF5 in WW2 with Frostabite 4.That would be a glory or Bad Company 3.

ABBAJESUS2449d ago

i remember when we got over five ww2 games on consoles and pc a year. Now it has been too long since one really good one.

quenomamen2450d ago

This guy trying real hard to become an ex - DICE employee if you ask me.

NuggetsOfGod2450d ago

Unreal and frostbite are not even in competition.

Lilrizky2450d ago

Now that I've seen BF4 and Dragon Age inqusition, Frostbite 4 is probably my favourite engine now.

It makes big worlds, beautiful worlds, full of destruction, dynamic events, versatile environments, great animations and can do FPS and RPG's (my two favourite genres)

windblowsagain2450d ago

Have to agree.

Frostbite is built for those types of games.

Unreal has a more sterile / robotic look /

SephirothX212450d ago

That is nonsense. An engine does not have a certain "look". The look is up to the 3D artists that create the models, textures and materials. UE4 is also completely open source to subscribers so all shaders can be edited and replaced. Bioware would have forked the code of Frostbite to build DA Inquisition. No rendering engine comes optimised for all games and FPS games and open world RPGs have very different requirements. Each game will change the engine code to some extent to suit its needs. I've looked at UE4 and the tools are excellent. The visual scripting is also excellent for AI and game objectives and the C++ code is very well structured and documented. This is in contrast to CryEngine 3 which has very poorly documented and messy code. Building a game engine takes a lot of money, people and time. Luckily, indies do not have to worry about that task any more when Unity and UE4 are very affordable and powerful engines that anyone can avail of.

MurDocINC2450d ago

Too bad it has to worst netcode. So many times I died behind cover and been accused of cheating when my opponents died behind cover. What's the point of playing MP when it all falls on luck of crappy prediction netcode rather than skill.

urwifeminder2450d ago

Cant wait for the next wave of Unreal horde mode games.

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