Witcher Dev ‘Would Love’ PS4-Xbox One Cross-Network Play for Gwent

CD Projekt is ready to implement cross-platform play across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC -- it only needs the green light from Sony.

CocoaBrother2687d ago

I think a lot of third party developers would be on board with cross-play because it increases a game's online userbase and longevity. In my opinion, it's something we, gamers, should want.

jesujohn2687d ago

there is also greed of the developers at work here. Keeping the games alive for months increases the number of players who buy microtransactions

JaredH2687d ago

Okay sure but don't you see cross-play as an overall positive thing?

Big_Game_Hunters2687d ago

Why would you not want your favorite game to have a large userbase though. Benefits everyone. You know devs need money to make games right? Welcome to reality bro labor isn't free.

2687d ago
Paytaa2687d ago

That's the dumbest excuse for not wanting cross-network play. Especially considering CDPR will definitely not have microtransactions in Gwent.

This is something all gamers should embrace. Being able to play a game with someone who prefers a different system is very cool. I love how Rocket League already does it.

freshslicepizza2687d ago

i hope more and more developers come out and push for this and put the pressure on sony.

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slavish02687d ago

I don't understand the disagree?

2687d ago
Bahamut2686d ago


Yeah except they already allow cross-platform play with Final Fantasy XIV...

Soooo your entire comment is void.

rainslacker2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Honestly I don't see this being harmful to the commercial aspects of any console maker. Particularly in it's current form where one can't just connect to their friends on another network. Might be some considerations on the backend, but that's for them to work out, and shouldn't hinder what a lot of gamers want.

What I'd like to see is an cross platform API that all the console makers accept which make the process more fluid, instead of having every developer come up with their own solution, which sounds like it could become a nightmare as more and more games start adopting the feature. Simple, accepted API would allow a lot of the testing and analysis of the feature to go through compliance quickly, and then it's just a matter of approving the game on other factors like would it put one userbase at a disadvantage...say for something with a ranking system and one was timed exclusive?

Think the pressure is on Sony right now, because they're the one's getting a lot of the criticism now. If they ignore it for a while, then it's probably safe to assume that they have no intention of allowing it. I don't think it's been a long enough while to really demonize them over it yet though, as I understand just long long things like this can take to get going from a companies perspective. However, with the pressure on them, unless they can come out with a good reason why they aren't doing it, or at least come out and say they're actually working on it with others, they aren't likely to be able to avoid the criticism for the long haul. As it is right now, people are assuming a lot on Sony's intentions and reasons, but eventually I feel they're going to have to respond.

freshslicepizza2686d ago

well first off it's not like this will impact ps4 sales. secondly sony has always come away as being the most supportive of its users but the question is are their fans advocating it? when i say fans i am talking about the loyal ones who support them no matter what on the forums. we all know how vocal they can be about exclusives, does this mean they don't want to share the same online arena as well?

i said it before and i will say it again, i think it was a brilliant move on microsoft's part to put the ball back in sony's court after all these years of creating borders and (microsoft) not wanting to even offer cross play with games like final fantasy. they got a lot of flack over the years and righfully so. but now they have specifically said they are supportive of other consoles, not just the pc.an area even sony never supported but fans felt all along they were always open to the idea when in reality did we ever get cross platform play with nintendo consoles and sony?

i have a feeling they will ignore this as long as possible and just say they have been busy with other things when they do finally respond.

rainslacker2686d ago

I have no problem with people giving Sony flack over it, or even putting the pressure on them. I would just prefer people not jump to the most extreme conclusion and act like Sony has done something against the users before all the details are out when there are other logical reasons why they may not have said something, or may very well be working on the details, particularly when the basis for those criticisms are on some 3rd party which doesn't know what's going on any more than the forum users do.

Sony's getting plenty of pressure from their actual fan base, so it'd be nice if people could remain reasonable and give Sony the chance to respond without making it obvious no matter what they say will be met with criticism.

Bahamut2686d ago

Absolutely. How cool would that be?

Xbox fanboys vs. Sony fanboys. They could finally duke it out without having to resort to insulting each other on the internet.

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AngelicIceDiamond2687d ago

Third party is fully behind it. PS4 and X1 are different systems but they're not THAT much different at the end of the day. Gamers want to game no matter who they're going up against.

gangsta_red2687d ago


I still can't believe MS had these guys come out on their stage and announce Gwent.

This should be a mobile app, not a console game.

oakshin2687d ago

As much as I got addicted to gwent in wild hunt I still agree.........and it's weird sonys holding this back of all companies

starchild2687d ago

Micro soft. It has been used as an abbreviation for Microsoft for a long time now.

DragonbornZ2687d ago

I've heard it's more than just a card game. Apparently you can also walk around and do stuff, but who knows.

Bahamut2686d ago

I really don't have a problem with it as long as it isn't a full-priced game. Gwent was addictive as hell. If you don't like it, that's fine, but there is a market for games like this, look at all of the Magic: The Gathering games.

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objdadon2687d ago

It sounds like cross play would be a fanboy fest. I'll pass.

TheCommentator2687d ago

Sony said they'd investigate cross play on a case by case basis. Hopefully CDPR already has the request in to Sony so we can all enjoy the game together.

freshslicepizza2687d ago

case by case? i dont think this game has any nudity so i'm not sure what the problem is.

TheCommentator2686d ago

I agree, you would think that Sony would just say yes about the cross play in general and left it up to 3rd party devs to choose freely. Right now they have to waste their time on each game deciding if they'll allow the feature.

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Beaten this game 3 times and never played more Gwent than what I was forced to play.

P_Bomb666d ago

Cautiously optimistic!