CD Projekt RED Hackers Leak Gwent Source Code, Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher Source Codes Being Auctioned

The CD Projekt RED hackers has uploaded the alleged source code for GWENT! Cyberpunk 2077 & The Witcher source codes are being auctioned.

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GoodGuy0960d ago

Ooftah what a terrible moment cdpr are going through right now.

Neonridr59d ago

what a terrible like 6 months..

excaliburps59d ago

Indeed. No one would expect CD Projekt to be shat on like this. Come to think of it, given how awesome the Witcher 3 was and how DLC and all were handled properly, no one expected Cyberpunk to be this controversial.

Still, this isn't good or right. I mean, this is just outright crime being committed.

59d ago
anubusgold59d ago

anyone that tries to use this to make money will be sued into the ground.

djl348559d ago


Except The Witcher 3 was buggy and had a rocky launch too, but everyone forgets that.

seanpitt2359d ago

That’s a understatement... this company has gone from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows in record time.....

Bobertt59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

In the grand scheme of things six months is like a moment.

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rakentaja59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

It is called karma, the universe always takes care of it. They promised the best game ever. Nothing happens without a reason. Hacking is the result they deserved.

Master of Unlocking59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

If I'm not mistaken, "karma" in Sanskrit means "action", it is supposed to be the result of your actions, i.e. "bad karma" is supposed to come after you because you had bad deeds.

I certainly understand that the management at CD Projekt Red made a bad mistake by releasing the game too early (esp. on last gen systems) and may have been carried away by the success they had with The Witcher 3 in thinking they would just iron out the kinks by releasing patches after the inception of the game (and how that somehow precluded them from sending review copies/codes for the last-gen versions for reviews); but so many devs are guilty of shipping products before they are actually finished that, if that "karma" thing applied consistently, every one last of them would've been through the same ordeal CD PR is going through, which is not the case.

That right there is not so much the consequence of the mistakes of a developper, as the indicator to how toxic the internet, esp. those Big Tech companies like Twitter, can be.

surferz59d ago

so they deserve to get hacked into over a video game?

grow up.

this is absolutely disgusting and i hope they find whoever's responsible for this.

Profchaos59d ago

Do you honestly think they went to the lengths of spending a stupid amount of money and time on developing a game to purposely screw over players.

Do you really think they deserved to be hacked and threatened over this?

Do you really believe that the privacy of all their employees deserved to be abused?

anast59d ago

Yeah, the universe allows genocide and's absurd to think this way.

rakentaja59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

to anast: I understand what you are trying to say, this is a difficult topic. I'm not a malicious person, I sympathize with everyone. I've been watching a lot of homeless videos lately and I'm also shedding tears. It is known that a person chooses a body that suits him / her (name, gender, parents and the country where he / she is born). As known, on the other side of the future is predicted (events have not yet happened, but it is done so that these things happen) and a person is deliberately born in a country where unrest and wars are coming and going through the so-called "difficult" life. Rebirth (reincarnation) is only for the development of the soul and the purpose of life is not so that you can live the best possible life here. Even torture can be a much needed experience. That is why it never makes sense to compare yourself to others. We have different goals in life (at the soul level). The other side is your true original living environment, or so-called "home" for your soul, and the different karma situations here on Earth are only to learn to return to the embodiment of pure love as God one day you stop doing all sorts of bad things to yourself or others.

Popsicle59d ago

I hate these kind of takes. Two wrongs never make a right. The world would be a much better place without this type of thought process.

CD has caught plenty of heat for the game they released and are a paying for it through bad publicity, loss of sales, and issuing refunds. They do not deserve to be hacked and have their work stolen.

MasterChief362459d ago

@Master of Unlocking

I think it could be argued that they DID do bad things that would deserve karma. Working conditions were poor, they constantly manipulated their audience to think everything was perfect and they were a consumer-forward company, they made a mockery of anyone that was involved with the development of the game, they withheld footage of the last-gen version with the express interest of getting as many sales as possible before people became privy to its terrible state, forced reviewers to use only company-curated footage to avoid people seeing how broken the game can be for everywhere else.

CD Projekt Red has demonstrated, more than any other company in recent memory, just how close to political they are, in that they promised so much, and pretended it was all okay; then it ends up being a complete farce. They are a joke, and karma is completely justified in this case.

That being said, I don't agree with this hack and ransom. Justifiable karma for me is what has already happened: mass refunds, public castigation, and overt embarrassment at their actions.

rakentaja59d ago

to Master of Unlocking
If they have never deserved to be hacked, hackers will never think of hacking anything. The idea of hacking comes from space, which is literally controlled by the universe.

spicelicka59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

lmao grow up, if you pre-ordered you're a moron. You were also given a chance to refund the game and nobody had issues with the non-console versions. Plenty of games come out shit.

Dirtnapstor58d ago

Because they didn't deliver on a promise? Really?!
The decision to release Cyberpunk had nothing to do with the Dev team and their blood, sweat, and tears. It had nothing to do with their source code(s) for all their ips. What has happened is literally a crime.
Those responsible for the theft need to be prosecuted.
Whoever purchased should be prosecuted for receiving stolen goods.

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DJStotty59d ago

This will probably work out well for CDPR, there is no such thing as bad publicity, this will throw them in the limelight, and the source code stolen will not get sold, nor will it get much use before all those responsible for hacking are behind bars lol.

neutralgamer199259d ago


I do remember and I remember the fact they were diligently to fix everything and some of the DLC expansions were amazing and even the free content was amazing. But it's still did not launch in the state that cyberpunk 2077 launched in. as a CD project red fan it just bugs me that they saw the condition of the game why not just delayed for maybe six to nine months and launch it when it's really ready. Or how about just launch it on PC and see the console version versions are coming later.

Their image their reputation has been stained it will take something really special for them to recover from this and what's really really sad is they were one of the true pro consumer companies out there

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CrimsonWing6959d ago

Man, I’m starting to feel bad for these guys. I mean talk about being kicked into another gender.

uGLYmE59d ago

Starting to? What did they do wrong? I don’t understand any amount of animosity towards this developer. Is there an article that can convince me otherwise?

Ninver59d ago

They failed to provide what was promised. I think they deserve some remorse but other diehard gamers want them burnt to the ground. It's crazy out there.

Duke1959d ago

People got a shitty game. Now the developer needs to go under and all involved need to lose their jobs clearly.


Neonridr59d ago

ever heard about a game called Cyberpunk 2077 that was hotly anticipated and turned into a giant mess?

CrimsonWing6959d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Well, I mean, I didn’t feel sorry for them getting the feedback that they did for making the decisions that they did. I mean lying to consumers seems like something that would fit in the “they did wrong” category, but that could just be me.

That being said, I enjoyed Cyberpunk albeit with disappointment from being watchdogged.

Now, as in right now, because I just read they’ve been hacked, I am feeling sorry for them because on top of everything else they now have to deal with this and I feel like they’ve had enough i.e. why I mentioned the whole kick to the nuts comment.

Does that make sense? Let me know if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. I can break it down even further or possibly draw a schematic.

rakentaja59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

They only talked about how it sets new standards and didn't show any gameplay until the last minute, and that wasn't even true representation of the game. These super-high quality videos that they promoted on E3 for many years did not even find a place in the finished production. If you shoot the water and there 0 effects in a open world game, it basically says it all. They didn't care about anything.

enkiduxiv59d ago

While they misled gamers with their marketing and should be called out for it, CyberPunk wasn’t nearly as bad as people are making it out to be.

If Bethesda had released this game before they finally fell to earth after Fallout 76, everyone would have shrugged their shoulders and waited for a few patches.

CDPR are literally victims of their own success here. Everyone wanted another Witcher 3 and they instead got a buggy Deus Ex. Thing is, Deus Ex isn’t half bad either.

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Darkborn59d ago

They lied and said last Gen consoles ran great.

lelo2play59d ago

They offered refund... move on already. It's getting tiresome.
Seriously! Get over it.

SullysCigar59d ago

^ You're memory is somewhat skewed there, @lelo2play. They said contact Sony/MS - without any prior consultation with them, which was just more poor communication and decision making, further exacerbating the situation.

I'm not saying they deserve what's happening now, of course, but what they did was bad and they've yet to make good. Once they have, we can talk about 'moving on'.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash59d ago

@lelo2play But still it didn't change the fact that they lied to their consumers.

CorndogBurglar59d ago

And the crap they went through, and are still going through, is punishment for that.

Yes, they said it ran well on last gen consoles. Yes, they released a horribly buggy, unfinished game. And they are still paying for those mistakes. They've had a lawsuit filed against them. They had their game removed from PSN. They've had to deal with refunds. And they're working around the clock to try and fix it as best they can.

They're paying like any other developer should in this situation. Getting hacked and having company owned assets and codes stolen, held for ransom, and auctioned off is horrible and they don't deserve that.

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-Foxtrot59d ago

It’s shitty what’s happening but this doesn’t excuse Cyberpunk

I hope this isn’t what’s gonna happen now, we all forgive them out of pity

Darkborn59d ago

Exactly, death threats and hacking is not a good thing for anyone regardless of what they promised and didn't deliver. It was a scummy business move, but it doesn't deserve this kind of negativity. Boycott the game until its fixed and don't pre-order next time, sure. But not this.

59d ago
DragonWarrior1959d ago

That's exactly what they want. You think this coincidentally happened after the gaming community lost all its respect for them?

TheRealTedCruz59d ago

So you're saying they're releasing their own insider documents, not mention source code, onto the internet for a little bit of pity points?

That's highly unlikely, to say the least.

CorndogBurglar59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Dude, come on. There's no way CDPR had themselves hacked and their assets sold online.

medman59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I always felt bad for the developers. I never once felt bad about some of the decision makers and higher ups within the organization. Too many of them are liars, unfortunately their lies and poor decision making has hurt the devs. Doesn't that always seem to be the case? People in a position of power screw up, the underlings take the brunt of the fallout.

Management should be held 100 percent to account for the entirety of this still unfolding calamity associated with Cyberpunk 2077. The fact that some of them have not been fired to date is not surprising at all....gutless incompetence rules the day.

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Hitman00759d ago

I thought my Ex Girlfriend could fake it good but these guys just overflowing with Bull💩 like really the way the talked about all U could do and then show trailers of all of this but cut all the content out of the game once purchased like GTFO Losers glad U are getting Karma back haha hahaha plus u lost Billions in stocks hahahaha

CorndogBurglar59d ago

Punctuation is your friend. Don't be afraid of it. Embrace it. Let the punctuation flow through you.

spicelicka59d ago

Unfortunately the only thing that flows through him is bath water

Abnor_Mal59d ago

CD Ptoject Red are being Cyberpunked by hackers. They should make a game about this.

Darkborn59d ago

If they did it would crash before the hackers could sell the source code.

Abnor_Mal59d ago

The dynamic duo, I set em up, and you knock em down.

thejigisup59d ago

If cyberpunk source gets released theres gonna be some crazy revelations.

Ninver59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Which leads me to believe people want answers. The truth at that.

-Foxtrot59d ago

I really want to see what was cut or planned

Nitrowolf259d ago

it would be interesting to see TBH

SimpleSlave59d ago

Insiders say that the Cyberpunk 2077 source code comes at a hefty 3MB

👋So Huge👋

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