Capcom Europe on the future of Resident Evil

Capcom Europe's Katsuhiko Ichii and Antoine Molant talk about the future of the series and the upcoming Resident Evil VII

naruga2923d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

the series's future is bad... the game transformed into an ugly generic FPS ala Outlast ...few who probably werent so much fans of the original series or hadnt played them at all, may find the game interesting ...all others (mark the comment) will be alienated and move away from the game and the series

Gatsu2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

There is still RE2 Remake coming. I.think many long time fans were alienated already with RE6.

I'd rather wait for the full game first and then share my opinion.

NerveGearneeded2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

i wonder how long it will take for PC owners to Mod RE for rift/vive. because it sounds like the VR version is exclusive for psvr.

SlyBoogie19932922d ago

I'm a true series fan having played every single title in the Resi franchise to completion many times, and although I agree 6 wasn't great neither was 4 or 5, not for true horror, 7 looks great though and ill jump in eagerly

Austin482922d ago

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard will be a huge success

TheCommentator2922d ago

...or kill the franchise forever because there is no in between for tye type of changes being made.

Austin482922d ago

Nah Resident Evil 7 Biohazard has a lot of people supporting it it will do a lot better then it had in a very long time I'm excited for it.


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