CES 2007: Kaz Talks PS3 and Blu-ray

Sony president Kaz Hirai was recently interviewed by the CES trade publication Blu-ray Today, and he commented on the future of the format and PlayStation 3. Most interesting of all, the leader defended the power of Sony's recently released next generation videogame console, whose first wave games have not yet proven the true graphic capability of the system.

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original seed5236d ago

Resistance not being possible on any other system. If the 360 can handle Gears of War then im quite sure it will have no problem with Resistance. It may be due to compression maybe?

One thing for sure is we can all agree that this guy is better than Kenny.

BIadestarX5236d ago

"I have heard many people say our competitors' systems are just as powerful as the PS3. That simply is not true," said Hirai. "No other next generation entertainment system pushes the envelope on advanced technology like PS3.

"I have heard people say that a high-capacity game delivery vehicle like Blu-ray isn't necessary in a next generation computer entertainment system. You just can't expect that 9GBs of storage capacity found on today's DVDs are going to have enough space to hold tomorrow's games."

LOL. So, there you have it, "tomorrow's games", that's what Sony's is all about. Why do 360 games look better? Cause the PS3 sucks today and will be good tomorrow. Right...

calidredz5236d ago

If both sides just shut up and prove it and the PS3 drops by at least 150 I will be satisfied. I can afford the PS3 now but I am just not stupid. After barely ever playing my PS2 after the first year they have alot to prove to win me over. Secondly this generation is about more than disc space and movies to me, I want the whole package and as of now the PS3 is lacking. I do not doubt them at all, and from the looks of it by the time they get my money they will have worked out many of the kinks that just plain sukk @ss (ie their online strategy)

Marriot VP5236d ago

wow, Kaz went balls to the walls with this interview

THWIP5236d ago

...we didn't try to shove an unnecessary format down the consumer's throats, and then be content to watch it fail miserably. :o

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