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Square Enix President Shocked by The Quality of PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man; Surprised by God of War

Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda is a gamer, as he demonstrated multiple times. He isn’t shy about showing off his gameplay online, and he often mentions his appreciation for western games. In an interview in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, he talked about E3 and the games that impressed him the most.

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Community2917d ago
ShadowKnight2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Both games will be a big hit for Sony

Shubhendu_Singh2917d ago

GOW simply blew me away. Love the new direction.

and correct me if I'm wrong, previous Spiderman projects were all by Activision and presumably with they tight schedule and rushed attitude going into those games.

Though Sony is known for giving the appropriate money and time to any of their projects. I have no doubts this game will drown every Spidey game before it by a long long shot.
Next someone make a space exploration game with Silver Surfer please.

Yui_Suzumiya2917d ago

Yeah I think Spiderman contract with Activision ended if I'm not mistaken, hence the Sony game and possibility of a Telltale game (all we know is that it's Marvel related at this point).

_-EDMIX-_2917d ago

Absolutely agree. I'm shocked at all the new direction of older Ips this E3 from God of War to Resident Evil to Zelda this E3 is like some sort of resurgence of reboots lol

-Foxtrot2917d ago

This is why I really want James Bond to be made by Sony instead of Activision. The trailer alone for Spiderman shits on anything Activision has done imagine what Sony could do for James Bond.

Either that or NaughtyDogs next game should be James Bond inspired like how Uncharted was Indiana Jones inspired. Get their own theme songs and intros along with a good British secret agent character and they'll be good to go.

IamTylerDurden12917d ago

Activision Spidey games are forced to be movie tie in games.

Sony was given permission from Marvel, but it can not be a movie tie in game (thank goodness). Presumably, Marvel allowed this bc Sony is allowing Spidey to appear in other Marvel movies.

Finally a great looking Spidey game. Unfortunate for xbox fans and pc gamers, but great for the 50m PS4 owners.

kneon2917d ago


That would be too close to James Bond, it would be called a Bond rip-off, and rightfully so. How about going back to the original real James Bond

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Chevalier2917d ago


" Activision Spidey games are forced to be movie tie in games. "

Shattered Dimensions and Web of Shadows were based off movies?! Seems if anything Activision didn't put money into the projects if anything.

WelkinCole2917d ago

I was honestly more impressed with Sipiderman4 trailer than Death Stranded that showed just before it.

Fullmetalevolust2917d ago

Talk about two major titles about to hit the PS4.

UltraNova2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

If Spidey Ps4 turns out to be good I will not be surpriced to see a 50% spike in ps4's sales the month it comes out. Double that if they release it along the new Spiderman movie reboot!

As for the new GoW... well what can I say, if that wasnt the perfect re-imagination done and presented right then i dont know what the hell it was!

CaitSith2917d ago

I feel like, releasing it the same day as the Spiderman movie, gives the impression to the consumer that it's a movie tie-in, when it's not. I also equate such moves synonymous with other movie tie-in games' overall quality, which is bad. So I think, if Sony's focused on quality, they should release it when it's ready.

UltraNova2917d ago

Agreed. But then this is 2016, if Sony cant get the message out-being Spiderman the ps4 game is a AAA standalone entry then they need to take some marketing lessons asap.

morganfell2917d ago


I understand your concern but the average gamer that makes purchases doesn't care if it appears to be a movie tie in - even though this game is not. That is one of the reasons they want it. The seasoned aware gamer will get it regardless of the release date because of the subject material and/or the pedigree of the development studio. Just because they decide to maximize sales by timing the release date will not prevent the intelligent gamer from purchasing. Particularly when they have stated the game is not bound to MCU thus letting us know that it is its own particular animal.

CaitSith2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )


The fact it's Spiderman they're dealing with effectively broadens their market, potentially to people who are fans of the comic series but are not 'gamers', so I think Sony shouldn't worry about that aspect in trying to sell the product. The only thing they have to market, as I've said before, is it's distinguishing quality from other bargain bin movie tie-in games.

EDIT: Actually, I have a cousin that's getting a PS4 because of this game, and he's a big Marvel fan (big is a huge understatement).


Agreed; and to reach out to these 'average' gamers*, and to potentially keep them within the market, they have to have exposure to high quality games, and there's no better way to do that than with Spiderman. Taking that into account, if Sony really cares for this industry and it's bottom line, the outcome of this game will show their true colours as to whether or not they care about, and want to show, quality to potential customers, or if they're just out for a quick cash grab. But since Insomniac's behind the game, we all know the answer to that.

*Hopefully you and I have the same understanding of what an 'average' gamer is.

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IamTylerDurden12917d ago

GoW and an exclusive Spider-man are about as big as it gets. These are massive system selling games that will help maintain Sony's dominant stance.

The amount of huge exclusives still to come is jaw dropping for PS4.

No Man's Sky (rated as the most anticipated game)

GT Sport (biggest racing franchise in games)

Horizon Zero Dawn (game of show 2015 e3)

Persona 5 (it's Persona)

God of War (game of show 2016 e3)

Spider-man (exclusive AAA Spidey game from Insomniac)

Days Gone (new ip, AAA open world from Bend, e3 show closer)

Death Stranding (Kojima)

Then we other AAA exclusives and big games such as...

Nioh (Dark Souls with Samurai, spectacular demo already released)

Dreams (Mm's follow up to LBP)

Gravity Rush 2 (Japan Studios PS4 follow up to the excellent Gravity Rush)

WiLD (open world game with a Far Cry Primal setting, from the makers of Beyond Good n Evil)

The Forest



JEECE2917d ago

Agree for the most part, although I think GT Sport may have lower sales numbers than some people think. It isn't going to have as much of a fleshed-out single player as other entries, it hasn't been marketed super well, and it isn't a numbered sequel (this matters). I'm sure it will sell well, but I don't think it will touch the sales of 1-5.

I'm also not sure how well Horizon will do. It is massively anticipated by the people who frequent video game sites, but that isn't most console owners. I'm sure it will have a really big first week due to hardcore PS fans, but it usually takes several great entries in a series before it reaches mainstream, system-selling success (see: Uncharted, Elder Scrolls (console-wise), Battlefield (console-wise), The Souls Series, Far Cry, etc). I hope to be wrong though; great advertising could certainly go a long way.

Mystogan2917d ago

Spiderman is definitely a huge hit in the nuts to Xbox. Unless Microsoft can get Ironman or Superman.

Xavior_Reigns2917d ago

Those two have terrible track records in games, MS would be wise to steer clear.

Rimeskeem2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

If anything MS will pay Rocksteady for an exclusive Batman game.

EDIT: it's very unlikely knowing that Sony currently has Rocksteady making exclusive VR but I'm just putting the idea out there.

Mystogan2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

So does spiderman. Only good spiderman games were ps2 era. Even then. They should take the challenge. Both Superman and Ironman games can be incredible IF done right. Imagine a VR Ironman game where you're actually in the suit. Or a superman game with destruction like crackdown 3.

_-EDMIX-_2917d ago

@rime- I do not see Warner Brothers okay about a license anywhere else or even allowing one of their own teams to create a title for one platform I don't really know why a company would do business that way..

medman2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I find it highly unlikely that Microsoft will be in the business of buying 3rd party exclusivity anymore, seeing as how all their first party games are coming to pc now. It would make less financial sense for them to do that now than it ever did. Sure, they would be keeping it out of the hands of some ps4/Neo owners, but people like me that game on pc as well as console would just pick up the "exclusive" on pc, negating much of the benefit of having exclusivity to begin with.

The only true exclusives left are on pc, ps4, and what will be the NX, where you actually have to own the system to play the game. Microsoft is leaving that behind for a different strategy of getting their software into the hands of more gamers, so I believe they will leave the paying for exclusivity strategy behind as well.

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xfiles20992917d ago ShowReplies(9)
thatguyhayat2917d ago

Yeaaah superman owned by warner brothers so thats definetly a no. And i think it was marvel who came to sony with the spiderman game? I think i read that somewhere unless im wrong. But marvels going into the game business supporting best devs. This whole time i thought it would be sucker punch

Yui_Suzumiya2917d ago

Speaking of Suckered Punch, I wonder what the devil they're cooking up.

Mystogan2917d ago

Why is it a no? They can license it.

Darkfist_Flames2917d ago

I hope sucker punch still working on another Infamous game, and not a licensed game