ASUS reveals worlds first external graphics card.

ASUS has now launched the XG Station as the industry's first public demonstration of the world's first external graphics card station for notebook computers. Equipped with Express Card interface, USB 2.0 and Dolby headphones, the XG station seamlessly integrates notebook computing with PC graphics power.The Asus XG Station is the world's first docking station to provide a standard PCI Express slot for additional graphics computing power on notebook computers with Express Card slot, delivering VISTA Premium performance. The device also conveniently accommodates future graphics technology such as, HDCP and HDMI upgrades possibility. Lab experiments on a notebook based on Intel 945GM graphics connected to the XG station with a ASUS EN7900GS graphics card showed an astounding 9 times faster acceleration. A large LED screen provides clear display of critical system status statistics such as- System master volume, GPU clock speed, Current GPU temperature, Dolby Headphone feature status, Current actual Frames per Second (FPS) information and GPU fan speed Indicator.

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untouchable5437d ago

what about the power supply? im confused..

BlackCountryBob5436d ago

Its external powered, it plugs into your express card slot and the other end goes into a external monitor so it aint a portable thing but still a great idea and hopefully the first of many such products.

ChickeyCantor5436d ago

....i was talking about this a few weeks ago...there goes my idea :(

MicroGamer5436d ago

a graphics card upgrade for machines that can't normally be upgraded. One of these will extend the life of my notebook immensely as the graphic system (Radeon Mobility 9600) is the weakest link in an otherwise damn good machine.