Zelda Breath of the Wild Preview – Awe-inspiring Beauty (GamersBliss)

Two demos proved that Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece waiting to show its glory to the world. Players are hopping that the games long development brings this title quality. The Zelda Breath of the Wild preview demos proved quality over quantity, tranquil relaxed excitement and a modern but classic feeling title.

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TheSuperior 2867d ago

I am hugely concerned about the lack in showing off puzzles and how lonely the game looks so far. I like talking to characters in towns and villages but so far haven't seen much of that in what they have shown off for this game. I'm opened minded but concerned.

wonderfulmonkeyman2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

If towns and NPC's are your worry, you can rest easy: all of the demos had the NPC's (besides Koroks, shrine monks, and the old man) and towns removed to avoid spoilers; apparently, from what we've been told, the towns have some sort of tie-in to the story, enough that we might get massively spoiled if shown them too early.
That, and they've officially confirmed that not only are there over a hundred mini-dungeons in the game, there are actually also bigger-scale regular dungeons for us to find as well.
Both will be packed with puzzles, and I'm sure that, in later and more complicated areas of the world map, navigating from place to place will be its own form of puzzle, as well as having their own genuine puzzle elements.
Keep in mind, after all, that the demos only featured the plateau, which is literally the beginners area and thus will naturally have less complicated stuff in it.^_-

WORGames2867d ago

I just hope there's plenty of NPCs to talk to. I always enjoy talking to random people in most games I play, especially RPGs. I'm just a little worried that the game will focus too much on dungeon crawling and running around the wilderness. I love getting lost in towns and villages so I hope there's plenty of that.


Zelda Could Introduce New Features By Bringing Back A Controversial Character

Screen Rant, "The return of one controversial character could have an incredible effect on The Legend of Zelda, prompting the introduction of new features."

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H9104d ago

Honestly I really changed my mind on Fi with the remaster because they didn't make her interrupt your gameplay every 5 seconds, that drastically changed my views on her

Inverno103d ago

Technically she's in ToTK but obviously can't take any other form than the sword she was made into. Also the companion feature has been done plenty of times in Zelda, I don't think it'll add anything new. If anything should be brought back it should be the Minish.


Directionless Modern Zelda Should Return to its 3D Roots

Matt from We Game Daily writes "The Legend of Zelda series has gone in a different direction. One which, try as I have, I just can’t get on board with. Here is why I think Zelda should return to its 3D roots."

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CrimsonIdol135d ago

Amen! A good, tight, Zelda game with a focus on dungeons and puzzles. Let people have the new style Zelda if you gotta, but let us have the OoT style games too. That's not without precedent either, the handheld 2D Zelda's in the style of A Link to the Past etc have coexisted alongside the 3D Zelda's before

FinalFantasyFanatic134d ago

As much as I like BoTW, TotK, I need my traditional Zelda games as well, I could not endlessly play the open world Zelda games, plus it's harder to keep those fresher than the traditional games.

Eidolon134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

BotW was just as fresh to the franchise as OoT was. TokT was great but the next LoZ would have to move from that formula to be fresh again. There's only so much they can do with the hardware. I think they focused too much on making the world big instead impactful. I felt the world was sort of empty and repetitive in TotK, sure there was a lot to do but no more difference a Ubisoft game..

anast134d ago

I wouldn't worry too much. Nintendo knows what they are doing.

Ristul134d ago

Wind Waker had a perfect balance of open world and a cool, well hand-crafted design. Maybe try to keep the open world but put in effort to make more memorable story driven quests and locations.

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Zelda Fan Brings Godzilla to Life in Tears of the Kingdom

A fan of The Legend of Zelda has recreated the iconic Japanese monster Godzilla in Tears of the Kingdom using the game's Zonai devices.

Knightofelemia172d ago

I like it would also be cool if some created Dragon Caesar in the game I would love to watch the two going at it.