Zelda Breath of the Wild Preview – Awe-inspiring Beauty (GamersBliss)

Two demos proved that Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece waiting to show its glory to the world. Players are hopping that the games long development brings this title quality. The Zelda Breath of the Wild preview demos proved quality over quantity, tranquil relaxed excitement and a modern but classic feeling title.

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TheSuperior 2447d ago

I am hugely concerned about the lack in showing off puzzles and how lonely the game looks so far. I like talking to characters in towns and villages but so far haven't seen much of that in what they have shown off for this game. I'm opened minded but concerned.

wonderfulmonkeyman2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

If towns and NPC's are your worry, you can rest easy: all of the demos had the NPC's (besides Koroks, shrine monks, and the old man) and towns removed to avoid spoilers; apparently, from what we've been told, the towns have some sort of tie-in to the story, enough that we might get massively spoiled if shown them too early.
That, and they've officially confirmed that not only are there over a hundred mini-dungeons in the game, there are actually also bigger-scale regular dungeons for us to find as well.
Both will be packed with puzzles, and I'm sure that, in later and more complicated areas of the world map, navigating from place to place will be its own form of puzzle, as well as having their own genuine puzzle elements.
Keep in mind, after all, that the demos only featured the plateau, which is literally the beginners area and thus will naturally have less complicated stuff in it.^_-

WORGames2447d ago

I just hope there's plenty of NPCs to talk to. I always enjoy talking to random people in most games I play, especially RPGs. I'm just a little worried that the game will focus too much on dungeon crawling and running around the wilderness. I love getting lost in towns and villages so I hope there's plenty of that.