The Legend of Zelda live-action film announced by Nintendo

Nintendo has announced that they're working on a The Legend of Zelda live-action film adaptation, with Wes Ball set to direct.

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-Foxtrot219d ago

The person they’ve picked to direct is so weird, he hasn’t done anything interesting or amazing. He gave us the Maze Runner films which were average or below, he’s doing the new Planet of the Apes film and he did a film called Phoenix Forgotten which was panned by everyone. That’s it. Nothing else.

Also Sony Pictures does not make the best decisions, the only thing I can think of recently I liked from them has been the Spiderman animated films

Bet you any money they’ll throw Tom Holland into it

darthv72219d ago

...and because they will want to be hip and trendy, he will play Zelda instead of Link.

-Foxtrot219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

I think they’ll get Halle Bailey, Rachel Zegler or Jenna Ortega for Zelda

Because you know…Hollywood

darthv72219d ago

^^Oh i dont know about Zegler... she has a beef with "princesses" and what not.

Gamingsince1981219d ago

Zelda will be saving link in this movie and zelda will be played by an African women.

Omegasyde219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

False it’s 2023.

Zelda and Link will be the same person, as they* take on Gandalf*.

got_dam218d ago

Dead wrong. You can't replace a female with a male. They will fuck up the casting in some way,but not like that. Now link.... that's another story.

RedDevils218d ago

Hint, Zelda don't have a penis.

CombatEmu218d ago

@Foxtrot "Because you know…Hollywood"

You missed the opportunity to say "It's Hollywood, baby." :P

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Something's telling me it's going to be Justice Smith lol.

-Foxtrot219d ago

The funny thing is I was reading it and the writer is the guy who wrote the last two Jurassic World films, he did the Rise of Skywalker and Detective Pikachu so I wouldn't be surprised

Even the writer of this sounds pretty bad...

mjchitown219d ago

sony pictures, not sony playststion.

AuraAbjure218d ago

I really liked Maze Runner 1. Twist ending rule! I want to see the sequels.

Eonjay218d ago

The spider verse are a mind boggling achievement. The tech is like beyond bleeding edge and the people putting it together are clearly the most hard-core fans ever.

Doing Zelda should be easier because it would make sense to do all the LOZ styles a la Spiderverse. So they have to find the most iconic Zelda and then go to town being as 'authentic' as possible to the source material.

I don't think they will have a problem because Nintendo is going to be working with them to see this through.

rlow1218d ago

You never know, could be his big breakout movie. Peter Jackson didn’t have huge success until Lord of the Rings.

Profchaos218d ago

Hahaha ahh yeah Sony execs were going to make this adventure dark and gritty Gannon will be like you've never seen before anyway here's Tom Holland

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sparky77219d ago

Sony and Nintendo making a Zelda film together is an interesting combo.

I don't see how they cast Link and deal with him being silent. Mario kinda worked since it was an animation and Mario does speak. Link being a human-like with no cartoony art style will it something....

MrNinosan219d ago

Link did speak in the animated tv-show thou

XiNatsuDragnel219d ago

But that TV show was absolutely terrible tho.

Popsicle218d ago

Exxxxccccuuuussssee me Princess!

babadivad218d ago

Epic. 😂😂😂

Inverno219d ago

This is gonna suck isn't it?

Number1TailzFan219d ago

Link will suddenly be able to talk but they'll still likely have him mute in the next game.. Not that I care to play in a huge boring desert.

MrNinosan219d ago

He spoke in the animated tv-show decades ago as well

Snookies12219d ago

Probably! We can still hold out hope though, right? Best bet is to completely forget it's being made. Then be surprised at how awful (or great) it is when it finally comes out lol.

--Onilink--218d ago

Probably, then again Mario and Detective Pikachu were good enough to be enjoyable I suppose.

With Nintendo being so protective of their IP, I see it more likely that they cancel it if its going too poorly rather than releasing something truly terrible

Inverno218d ago

Yeah but apparently the director is the same as the Uncharted movie. Which was aiight, but the Uncharted movie was felt almost like a parody at times rather than taking itself a bit more seriously. I just really wanted this to be made by Ghibli, BoTW and Twilight Princess lend themselves so perfectly into the Ghibli aesthetic and story telling style.

repsahj219d ago

Live action?!?! DOA for sure. Should continue what they have done with Mario.