Yet Another Persona 5 Countdown

Atlus love their countdown timer that's for sure since a series of countdown timers has once again appeared on the game's Japanese website that appear to end on July 19. There are no specifics on the site as to what we'll see though.

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2637d ago

The Persona 5 Series Has Sold Over 9 Million Units Worldwide

The Persona 5 sub-series has surpassed 9 million copies worldwide and now contributes to over 50% of the series' total sales.

shinoff2183102d ago

Would be plus+1 more if they'd settle the fk down and stop re releasing it. I'm waiting on the definitive one over here

BrainSyphoned102d ago

It's ok, I bought 4 to your zero, they don't need your pity purchase. Every version was definitive and has their own perks.


Persona 5's Place as the Franchise Standard Could Say a Lot About Persona 6

With the aesthetics of Persona 5 bleeding into Persona 3 Reload's visual presentation, Persona 6's handling may follow in the same formula.

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goldwyncq105d ago

I hope not. Persona 6 should be its own thing, especially since it'll release almost a decade after 5 did.


New Mysterious Domain Related To Persona 5 Possibly Unearthed

The Persona series continues to be at the forefront of rumors as a new domain hinting at a Persona 5 spin-off project pops up.

Christopher132d ago

Their other domains use AWS DNS servers, so wouldn't dive in too deep. Might be a placeholder, but doesn't line up with their other domains as far as I can tell.

D0nkeyBoi129d ago

I hope we don't have to wait for p6 as long as we did for 5. Just use the same engine and up the res to 4k.