Armed Assault 1 looking better than Crysis?

Modded Armed Assault with extreme good graphics.

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DavidMacDougall4331d ago

Faces are good but they all look like skinny biatchs

cemelc4331d ago

First time reading about this game, doesnt seem to be on pair with crysis.

Sony Rep4331d ago

This must be running on PS3 devkits.

CrippleH4331d ago

OMG so realistic that he's not even holding the gun in his hands.

*Bursts with excitement*

sak5004330d ago

He's holding it from the muzzle lest it fires from his twitchy fingers. Reminds me of early BIA:Highway to hell screens showing awesome footage of so called in game gameplay but the closer the release date comes the videos coming out now starting to show the reality which is not even upto COD4 standard. I'll take these pics with grain of salt.

moses4331d ago

I mean, this game will be on a massive scale I presume, so in that sense it looks good. But comparing to crysis, I don't think so. The models are clunky, the bloom/hdr is off, and the textures are no where near Crysis quality. Foliage isn't that great either

4331d ago
Perkel4330d ago

so true, but ligthening is WAAAAYYY better. This game looks like real photos form conflict zones. Crysis/warhead still looks like game..

one more thing. hmm look at real life andshow me so HDR effects :) almost none :)

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The story is too old to be commented.