The boys in gray: The Ghostbusters’ history in gaming

FENIX Bazaar writes: To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated reboot in theatres in this week, let’s take a look back at the history of Ghostbusters in video games, dating back to the NES in the ’80s.

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Retroman1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Are there not 4 guys?? or is it one of them is of color and advertisers don't want to acknowledge Ernie Hudson in any media,gaming promotion??

out of curiosity i'm asking.

BozoLoco1073d ago

Yeah, that's mentioned in the article. One of the games (I think Real Ghostbusters on Genesis) didn't have Winston at all.

SteamPowered1073d ago

Winston didnt get a whole lot of love in the movies either though. When I watched the movies as an adult, I always felt like he was an afterthought ( I also forgot about the Ghost going down on Ray). He has Zero backstory, just answered the ad in the paper.
He doesnt have much to do with the 2009 Ghostbusters game at all really. I hear 3X more lines from Ray and Venkman.

BozoLoco1073d ago

Disagree. In the second one, maybe, where he had a few scenes just make him feel like "part of the group", but he has important lines and scenes in the first film.

When he and Ray are in the car talking about the "end of days" - that's a pretty powerful scene. Very eerie.

Also the time at the Mayor's office, he delivers one of the best lines in Ghostbusters history.

"I've seen shit that'll turn you white!" It's hilarious. The face on the Mayor's helpers when he says that...cracks me up every time.

I think he really compliments the other three well in the first film. They were all sucky, boring characters in the second, it wasn't just him, but the script was more desperate to make him seem relevant.

But Ernie Hudson's delivery and character's presence in the first film I felt were spot on. It was a nice balancing act, because he was really the only level-headed guy on the team, whereas the other three were really just quacks.