Digital Chumps Review: Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star

DC writes:

''Warhawk and I have endured a relationship not unlike your typical high school romance. I picked it up on the day of release, and our daily infatuation extended throughout the better part of two months. We were having a lot of fun together, but I was lead astray by other new titles during the holiday season. Time went on and I was only seeing Warhawk once or twice a week; certainly not enough to remain competitive. Soon my skills atrophied and I was a stranger to the game, eventually leaving it all together. Warhawk and I casually tried to rekindle the relationship twice - once with the Omega Dawn Booster Pack and again with the Broken Mirror pack a few months later, but, despite the new bells and whistles each time out, we failed to hold each other's interest for any significant period of time. "Only if you had Jetpacks," I told Warhawk. "I'll be back when you get Jetpacks."

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titntin4326d ago

I gotta get me a jetpack! :)

Coll edition to an excellent multiplayer game.