Team Ninja working on three new games

Team Ninja is working on three new titles, according to Tecmo's new president.

Speaking at a press conference in Japan, newly appointed Tecmo president Yasuharu Kakihara announced that the beleaguered publisher's star development team is working on three new games.

Sadly though, Kakihara declined to mention what these three games will be, or which platforms they're in development for.

Team Ninja has been linked with several new projects in recent times, although nothing has been formally announced.

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Voiceofreason3886d ago

I'd say those games are going to be for the Wii and DS judging by how much they are supporting both at this point.

Fox013886d ago

I agree. I'ld so love to play another DoA (DoA IV is 3 yrs old now and there's barly anyone online) on PS3 or 360 I don't care, just want one on the Next-Gen consoles pease!

BrotherNick3886d ago

I support DOA for all consoles, I'm a perv!

kesvalk3886d ago

ninja gaiden for Wii, i would love if they did it just like the old skool ones, or better a ninja gaiden 1 or 2 remake, that would be awesome...

pp3886d ago

Yes three more xbox360 exclusives on the way

OgTheClever3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

It will be funny to see you PP your pants when proved wrong.

DavidMacDougall3886d ago

All flops. Why should they make good games with retards like you on there side anyway

juuken3886d ago

Don't hold your breath peepee.

chrisnick3886d ago

since square is about to buy tecmo....odds are those games will make it on the!t, we might even see a gaiden port...which of course, like sigma, would be better than the original.

Pain3886d ago

yea...Payed for with Office / Excel /Moron Money Exclusive bound by Legal Contracts are hard to get out of.

TheMART3886d ago

@ DavidMacDougall


Ninja Gaiden 2 a 8.2 out of 10 average reviewed (check Gamerankings).

So in your view, GT5P and Heavenly Sword are also flops then, right?

juuken3886d ago

Mart, you were calling Heavenly Sword a flop. That's an 8.1 average. Ninja Gaiden 2 scored an 8.2 average.

Back in 2007, you bots would have screamed flop when these scores popped up for games on the PS3, claiming there will never be a AAA game for the PS3. Now you don't want to call those scores flops anymore because you're getting them for your games?

Oooh, that's right, Heavenly Sword, GT5P, and all the other games were on the PS3 so that means they're flops!

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Reibooi3886d ago

Hopefully one of them in DOA 5 as I would really like to see another DOA.

juuken3886d ago

A new Ninja Gaiden?

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