Over G Fighters In-Game Movies

Over G Fighters story is pure fiction, but the flying experience is a modern military aircraft buff's gooey dream. We're talking real-deal birds for you to fly, including the F/A 18 Hornet, a Mig 29, and even the 117 stealth bomber. You'll even grab the yoke of the Raptor: the 22 variant that's the apogee of military jet fighter design. Expect to see more than 90 gems from the cold-war era on up when Over G Fighters airbrakes into stores on July 11th.

Now enjoy these three new in-game movies brought to you by TeamXbox.

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sonyISgod6194d ago (Edited 6194d ago )

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PS360PCROCKS6194d ago

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Lucidmantra6194d ago (Edited 6194d ago )

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MISSY E6194d ago

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MISSY E6194d ago (Edited 6194d ago )

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OutLaw6194d ago

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