Top 5 Graphically Impressive 8-Bit Games

Prepare for some pretty pixels as Hey Poor Player's Mike Vito walks us through his top 5 graphically impressive 8-Bit games.

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derkasan838d ago

I always liked the look of Sonic 8-bit.

dead_pixels838d ago

Little Samson looks great, I still love how sweet the animation looks.

Segata838d ago

Wonderboy The Dragon's Trap on Master System. SMS games just looked better in general. However games like Ninja Gaiden on NES held their own

EvilAsh838d ago

The SMS version of Ninja Gaiden is pretty impressive as well! They're both hard as nails.

oasdada838d ago

The looney toon and ducktale games looked good

calebturner838d ago

I personally always loved the look of Mega Man. Simple, but it tells you exactly what you need to know.

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