GamerCell: Hellboy: The Science Of Evil Review

GamerCell writes: "My only previous experience of Hellboy is the 2004 movie starring the excellent Ron Pearlman (a lanterned-jawed man so fugly that the Hellboy makeup actually improves his looks considerably) in the title role. I've never read the Dark Horse comics from whence he came, so I didn't know much about the character, but there's a full bio >here< on Wiki if you want to know the full story. Basically he's a red-skinned monkey-like demon, raised in the U.S.A. from infancy after being conjured up by the Nazis during a satanic ritual that opens a portal to hell, who grows up to work for the BPRD (the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence) as a defender against the forces of darkness. Yep! - it's your typical everyday story of an all-American, super hero Nazi-ass-kicking kind-hearted demon all right... Oh, and he has an oversized right hand made out of stone, a prehensile tail and he's sawn off his demon horns to make him look more 'normal'... Mmmmkay?"

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