GameCell: Beijing 2008 Review

All in all this is a more than competent effort at an Olympic Games err... game, for the most part it looks great, and the replays really show off the well-animated and modelled athletes and the packed stadium well, although here and there the frame rate seems a bit jerky for no apparent reason.

Even allowing for the multiplayer (split screen, LAN and Xbox Live for up to 4 players) it's unlikely that you'll be playing this collection of stick-twiddling button-bashers for the duration of the real games, and it'll be gathering dust on the shelf long before the closing ceremony.

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That site still exists? I think it needs redesign.


Amazon Video Game Deal of the Day and Highlights.

Amazon have released their video game deal of the day for Thursday.

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Rockstar VS Media Molecule In DIEA

Nominations for Develop Industry Excellence Awards are unveiled, and two developers are likely to walk away with most of them.

Rockstar and Media Molecule will be contesting for the most category nominations. Rockstar snags six of them with GTA: Chinatown Wars and GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned from Rockstar while Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet alone is nominated for another five.

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Wouldn't be surprised if Rockstar takes all their 6 nominations and brings home several prizes =)


Planet Xbox 360: Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Review

Do you still suffer from Olympic fever? Are you constantly checking NBC looking for any glimpse of a balance beam, pool, or waving country flags? Fear not, Summer Athletics is here with your cure. Sure, you would think that an Olympic-styled game would just add fuel to the fire, but Summer Athletics is all but guaranteed to drown it, like Michael Phelps treats other Olympians' dreams.

If you remember the ancient Commodore 64 title, Summer Games, you know what to expect. The title is surprisingly similar, given the twenty-plus years between the two games. You have the option to play a single event, compete in a set of events (including a traditional decathlon), or build an athlete from scratch with career mode. The game gives you twenty-six events to play, in seven different categories. Save the lame career mode and a handful of additional events, it feels strikingly similar to the classic Commodore 64 title, except the older title actually plays better.

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