Eurogamer: Xbox 360 vs PS3 Face-Off: Round 14

Eurogamer writes: "No introduction is necessary for our latest console comparison feature; you all know the deal by now. Top notch 24-bit RGB screenshots? Check. HD-derived streaming video with crystal clear h.264 quality? Check. Flame-retardant clothing capable of withstanding the Human Torch's nova-blast? Double-check.

Just a couple of notes before the rows and bitter recriminations commence. Beginning with this latest feature, we're now embedding larger videos. There are also extended versions with even higher resolution available as clickthroughs via Eurogamer TV. Make sure you hit the 'high quality' button to get the full benefits of h2.64 encoding. If the cropped, slow motion videos are not good enough for you, full 720p 60FPS downloads optimised for playback on both 360 and PS3 are available on the author's blog."

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felidae4696d ago

wow. idiots.

i played Mercenaries 2 on both systems and i can tell you the ps3 version looks way better and has much better textures and less aliasing than the 360 version.

i don't trust anyone but myself...

lolol. Mercs 2 better on the 360 .. lolol

RoidRage4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

People need to just accept that the 360 is capable of slightly better graphics.

I see ps3 fanboys every were using the "well lets compare exclusives". Pretty convient that a 360 version of these ps3 exclusives will not ever exist, don't you think? I wonder what excuse ps3 fanboys would pull out of their ass if a 360 version of these ps3 exclusives were made. How the hell are you supposed to accurately compare two games running on two different engines, using different development techniques, with completely different game assets? You can't, and any normal person knows this.

What we have seen time and time again, is the ps3 being edged out on games that are comparable. Even the last years 360 version of Bioshock is visually superior to this years ps3's version according to Sony's own official ps3 publication PSM3. The question is how many more times is the 360 going to have to kick the ps3's ass before people are going to accept that the ps3 hype train that they have been riding is just that, hype.

Blip Blip4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

Any PS3 fanboy to post videos of PS3 exclusives that look better than the 360 videos below.

juuken4696d ago

Blip...this is a video that's what...two years old?

Any PS3 game (MGS4, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue) would make this game look bland right now.

Blip Blip4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

Post some vids of these "uber" PS3 exclusives if you are so sure of their quality.

How does a game being 2 years old make it's graphics less impressive? If anything it makes the PS3 look worse, because a 2 year old 360 multi-plat looks better than anything in the PS3's library, including the PS3 version of the same game.

Fishy Fingers4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

Go to GameTrailers > Search Killzone 2 > Pick a video.

Done :)

Jamie Foxx4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

poor games but if fanboys want to gloat over those games,your really reaching

If you do need to pointlesly thump your chest like you got something to prove its the console EXCLUSIVES where it needs to be done...LBP,gears of war,resistance2,killzone,mgs4 then thump your chest but please...kungfu panda,mercenaries2,facebreaker ,hulk etc....... LMFAO+2

ericnellie4696d ago

Are we still having these discussions? LOL!
Actually, I sort of like them!

Lumbo4696d ago

easy, Blib:

but of course you in your fanboy deluded world won't accept it that this game looks about 10 times as good as the overly steril SC and the animations blow SC directly to old gen suffering. The stiff robot like animation sequences simply can not compare to procedural animation blending.

nieto4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago ) <---Resistance 2 <---Uncharted Drake's Fortune <---Killzone 2 <---Metal Gear Solid 4 <---Ratchet & Clank: ToD

what more proof do you want?

Bnet3434696d ago

I just want to go on a record and say that owning both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 is the best thing ever. If everyone owned both, I don't think there would be no fanboys. You don't miss out on anything I tell you, ANYTHING!

thewhoopimen4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

The gametrailers HD comparison of Mercs2 showed better textures on the ps3 as well as slightly more framerate hitch on the 360. Is it me or does Richard have an increasingly obvious platform bias?

ianp6224696d ago

"How the hell are you supposed to accurately compare two systems running on two different architectures, using different development techniques, with completely different strengths? You can't, and any normal person knows this."


Xelai4696d ago

The comparison is valid, not losing the focus of comparing multiplatform games and not exclusives.

Multiplatform development is easier on the 360 and usually gets better results, if you want really good results on the PS3 get ready for being an exclusive, have a long development time, have a massive team, and have loads of cash, if not your results will be lackluster, with resources,obviously, the PS3 shines.

But this is multiplatform development, optimised for getting the best results with adjusted budgets, teams and resources, and in that aspect it is a fair comparison.

Blip Blip4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

You just proved two things.
1 -360 games look better than PS3 games
2 -PS3 fanboys are liars

KiddyBrownTurd4696d ago

lmfao. POOOOOOOOR DROIDS still think MGS4 looks or plays better than SC4 LMFAO!!!! HAhahaHAHAHAa

and don't even get me started on Gears LMFAO!

pooooooooor delusional droids :(

RoidRage4695d ago

You don't have to be fanboy to see that the game you posted is in no way better graphically than what Blip Blip posted. It would take a fanboy to say that it is. I f**king horse laughed when I watched your video after watching Blip Blip's.

Man_of_the_year4695d ago

Oh please dont tell me the link he provided leads to uncharted...if it is i will never understand why PS3 fanboys always bull the uncharted wasnt even on the radar for any awards for graphics or any other category...if it was so good then tell me why not a single nomination was for the game graphically wise huh..i guess MS bought the whole judging panel right...

You PS fanboys are making me and other PS3 owners look bad every time you pull the uncharted has the best graphics on any console card...please stop embarrassing me and yourself.

dantesparda4695d ago

Just look at the MS-sh1t-talking-force go! And to the fanboys some comments down from me who think n4g is such a PS3 haven. Just look at how many disagrees the PS3 fanboys have in comparison to the 360 fanboy's comments. And also look at how many bubbles the 360 fanboys have vs the PS3 ones. You people are all fanboys and all your opinions are biased, PERIOD!

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Aquanox4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

According to the Article, the Best versions are:

Soul Calibur: Xbox 360 Reason: Higher Res, Better Lightning.
Kung Fu Panda: Xbox 360 Reason: 60FPS versus 30FPS on PS3.
Mercenaries 2: Xbox 360 Reson: Depth Field and Superior Refresh Rate.
Guitar Hero Aerosmith: Xbox 360 Reason: Higher Res, Better Refresh Rate
Beijing: Xbox 360 - Reason: Many, i.e. Higher Rest, AA (absent of PS3)
Hulk: PS3 - Reason: Better image Overall due to post processing.
Face Breaker: Xbox 360 Reason: No many, just better AA (4XAA), subtle effects. Better upscaling
Madden, NHL and Tigerwoods: Tie


Xbox 360 6 - PS3 1
Tie 3

Winner Xbox 360

P.S. Loading times aren't considered since the Xbox 360 will soon be able to install ANY game.

juuken4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

Eurogamer=The site for 360 fans to chest thump over.
It's obvious that Eurogamer will do everything in their power to make PS3 multiplatform games look bad.

Blip Blip4696d ago

Yeah, my eyes are lieing. It's all just a big conspiracy against the PS3.

PimpHandStrong4696d ago

are your eyes seeing what i see? I have a 1080p TV with a PS3

is that what your eyes are seeing? Or are you talking about the video you get to see online that someone else had control over

juuken4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

They've been doing it for a while because I have an account there. They take a bunch of mediocre games (save Soul Caliber IV)and compare them against the PS3 version.

It has nothing to do with conspiracy. It's just something I've observed over there. And I wouldn't be surprised with the disagrees because apparently 360 fans love these types of unfair comparisons.

Man_of_the_year4696d ago

well i am watching it on my 46 inch samsung in 1080p on my PS3 and even i can say the 360 looks better...and sorry Juuken but i disagree that eurogamer is tampering with anything to make the games graphics look worse than the 360 - to me making that statement is just plain ignorance but if you feel that eurogamer is the site for 360 fanboys than i guess N4G is the counter balance for Sony Fanboys - the universe once again balances itself out

power of Green 4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

I see all the pics on the Series 6.

360 pre-launch HD testing was done on Sammy's, the 360 hardware is talored to samsung LCD tech. The contrast ratio, color and the dynamic mode allows you to see everything. Samsung the official HDTV of the NFL and the Xbox 360(showing 360 on Samsung LCD sku's is not just about MSFT's and Samsung's marketing partnership).

"It strikes me as a real shame that the 720p downscale has been included at all in the 360 code, when that extra resolution could have been used for all manner of better things - for example, an improved image at 1080p, better picture quality on 1360x768 LCDs and plasmas or a cracking picture on the forthcoming 1440x900 mode coming to the next dash update. Instead, all that effort seems to have been pretty much wasted."

^^ PS3

Xelai4696d ago

It is so tiresome when we have to constantly read about conspiracy theories against the PS3, all media is bought by Microsoft against poor Sony, that has no money and no power. That is incapable of pushing its own format or muscle its almost omnipresence into retailers worldwide, the Sony brand is in great peril!

One site is awesome one day when they bash Microsoft, and the next they are soldouts to the evil empire, Gameplayer AU anyone?

It is just incredible the amount of conpiranoia people believe, Mulder would be proud.

Eurogamer is one of the most respectable, professional and independent websites out there. Bashing them is not going to change the facts.

Nevertheless it must be sad to begin to hate almost all media believing there is a global conspiracy against Sony, in the end you got almost no sites to go and you become dependant of biased bloggers for your information, and obviously n4g, the ultimate haven for PS3 lovers.

PD Just go to Google, type n4g with no intro, wait a bit and see how the term "n4g ps3" is above even "n4g com", how can it be? :-)

Now lets the hate and disagrees roll.

Dareaver14696d ago

how true and well said. Bubbles for you sir. Bubbles for you...

It's a shame, that when presented with facts, you still here people crying foul. The most logical thing would be to prove the facts to be wrong. But that's impossible to do, since EG does such extensive comparison tests that all you can do is appreciate the non-biased factual information that trickles down. The truth is still the truth no matter how hard some don't want to believe it.

Sad really.....

TeeJay4696d ago

Excellent post, alot of simple truths.

However, not trying to sound paranoid, but I do think Sony has paid viral marketers working this site. Some peoples supposed "loyal" stupidity is to an extreme that it can't be real. Then you have all of these "amateur" websites and blogs spreading complete bullsh** that only an unsupecting casual would take as truth. After seeing korean gold farming videos, I don't think it's a farfetched idea that there is a small building somewhere, with a group of people who come to work everyday by logging onto N4G to spread Sony propaganda.

Xelai4696d ago


By the way it is a known fact that developers and manufacturers pay people to comment in internet forums.

Sony was once caught red handed with one supposedly gamer blog but in reality the domain belonged to a publicity agency at the employ of Sony.

But yeah, is poor Sony who receives all the unmerited hate. ;-)

juuken4696d ago

Wow...just wow.
Look at the disagrees fly!
Whatever you guys say, whatever you say.

zypher4696d ago

as you can see, the only thing eurogamer was right about was screen tearing on the PS3 version. it's convenient how the 360 wins due to PS3's screen tearing and some supposed lack of depth blur, but they say nothing about how the 360 version has sub-par framerate (especially at the beginning, where the game pauses two or three times) and horrible textures (the mountain at the end).

Dareaver14696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

"as you can see, the only thing eurogamer was right about was screen tearing on the PS3 version. it's convenient how the 360 wins due to PS3's screen tearing and some supposed lack of depth blur, but they say nothing about how the 360 version has sub-par framerate (especially at the beginning, where the game pauses two or three times) and horrible textures (the mountain at the end)." <---Zypher

"Visually, the advantages of the Xbox 360 version are two-fold: there's the inclusion of a depth of field effect (taking the form of a subtle blur the further 'into' the screen you go) along with an improved refresh rate. As both games target 30fps, and achieve it with no v-lock, that translates into an additional amount of screen tear on the PS3 game." <---EG

I would say that those are clear advantages to the 360 version, and logically a win is a win. The 360 version is pumping out more complex visuals. How can you argue that...?

As far as the that framerate issue is concerned, it might be inconsistent. Maybe on EG's comparison they did not experience that stutter. That is a possibility. Not every game play is going to end up the same.

But what i don't get is why are you trying to disprove EG's comparison, by using another websites comparison. That makes no sense. They don't even claim to use the same advanced screen capturing hardware. Find fault in the source. The source is EG, find the fault in that. You can't look for inconsistencies by increasing your search to other websites that use different capturing procedures.

Normally when they comment on framerate issues, it's usually a constant problem. a frame hiccup here or there is not a real problem, because it doesn't happen often to affect gameplay. Know what i'm saying.

zypher4696d ago

in other words, eurogamer's views are just as arbitrary and partial as anyone elses, including (possibly) gametrailer's.

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PimpHandStrong4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

im not even going to comment on this

~~rubbing chin

i guess i just did

anything these guys have to say means nothing!


all look better on PS3

and btw
comparing multi-plat games is funny because they where not made for the PS3! They where made for 360 PS2 Wii DS PS3 PC

now tell me why i want to compare games that are made for every system and not exclusives

its funny to see how ppl react to such articles

listen dude im not one to dig up where it was said that Oblivan looked better. Check out gameinformer. Thats where i do most of my reading. this is gamer zone so im going to keep it cival

1st year ppl where learing the PS3 and a few multi-plat games showed a difference! Splinter Cell was the only one i played on both systems that i seen the difference! Mainly the smoke! 2nd year it is no longer the case.

caffman4696d ago

that must be new because while I've spent plenty of time on oblivion, I've never heard of oblivan. Or is it a droid showing that while they can talk all day long, when it comes to knowing jack about games they are sadly lacking

edhe4695d ago

Oblivion came out a year later on the ps3 than the 360 with an improved texture filter. They also had to copy the game onto the disc twice to keep the load times down.

As for doc4 & burnout paradise, i've never seen anything proving either look better on the ps3, especially when you can flick the 1080p switch on the 360 and enjoy that also.

As for gta4? The comment about that 'looking better' was someone's opinion, it was proven, again by eurogamer, that it ran at a lower resolution and framerate than the 360.

ps3's hypetrain needs to die sometime, it just isn't what it set out to be, whilst Sony doted on their next model MS flew in and stole the core market whilst Nintendo swiped the rest.

PimpHandStrong4696d ago

im not sure because after that i told myself i will never look at that site!

Man_of_the_year4696d ago

i finished MGS4 in 18 hours or 2 days. 9 hours of playing, 4.5 hours of watching great action cut scenes and 4.5 hours of trying to stay awake from all the boring drawn out dialog. i too would have given it an 8/10...i mean come on, i finished the game in 9 hours...

snakeater34696d ago

mgs4 was not made with ppl like you in mind (mindless dumb fcks) but with the fans in mind. thats why you dont give a flying rats a$$ about the story ...but guess what? i enjoyed all the blabbing coz it gave insight into what is argued to be the greatest game story ever told. nuff said

Man_of_the_year4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

LOL nice language - my you get angry pretty fast if someone has a different oppinion than yours - and i think you hit the nail on the head that the game is designed for a particular following - so basically you just validated my point that the game is not for everyone but only a particular crowd in the gaming then a persons oppinion of it being 8/10 is validated for having long boring drawn out dialog that spans the time of 2 hollywood movies was suited for the person doing the review...

so since you just solidified my response with your ignorance i guess using your limited are the (mindless dumb fcks)u were talking about

Firstkn1ghT4696d ago

Man of the Year: 1
Snakeater3: 0

ukilnme4696d ago

@ Man_of_the_year

LMAO. That was classic.

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